Welcome to Girl Scouts!

We are so excited for you to join the more than 10,000 girl leaders in Middle Tennessee.

What is an Individually Registered Girl?

Individually Registered Girls (IRGs) are girl members in grades K-12 who are go-getters that want to learn and be a part of something bigger! Becoming an IRG allows girls to experience Girl Scouts at their own pace. Girls might become IRGs because the troop program doesn’t fit in their schedule or interests, or girls may sign up as IRGs because there is not an available troop in their area (yet!)

  • The Basics

    Innovative Programming

    Any girl five years old and in grades K–12 can join the fun at Girl Scouts! Whether they want to make new friends, sign up for exciting programs, explore the outdoors, or travel the world, each grade level has something for them. Girls are placed in the appropriate age level according to school grade.

    Girl Scout grade levels are:

    • Daisy: K – 1st grades
    • Brownie: 2nd – 3rd grades
    • Junior: 4th – 5th grades
    • Cadette: 6th – 8th grades
    • Senior: 9th – 10th grades
    • Ambassador: 11th – 12th grades

    Ways to Camp

    Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee offers many ways to get outdoors! Girls may start their experience with a day trip to camp canoeing, conquering our zip-line, or doing archery. We encourage Girl Scouts to overcome their fears and move beyond their limits. Girls can choose to attend camping programs with or without a group.

    Our Camp Properties

    1. Camp Holloway (Millersville, TN)
    2. Camp Piedmont (Readyville, TN)
    3. Camp Sycamore Hills (Ashland City, TN)
  • Funding the Fun

    Membership Dues & Fees

    A $25 annual membership fee, due at the time of registration, goes directly to Girl Scouts of the USA and pays for the various services provided to councils, development of program materials, and activity insurance.

    Depending on their level, Girl Scouts wear a sash, vest, or tunic as their uniform. Uniforms are required and can be purchased in the Girl Scout Cabin. The price varies on uniforms and required pieces. If you need financial assistance, reach out to your Regional Executive for more information.

    Financial Assistance

    Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee is committed to providing all girls with the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts regardless of financial background. Contact your Regional Executive to learn more.

Ways to Participate

With guidance from a parent or other advisor they choose, Girl Scout IRGs can earn badges, Highest Awards, sell cookies, attend cool events and activities, complete community service and Take Action projects, experience outdoor adventures at camp, and travel with a Girl Scout group. The possibilities are endless!

  • Badges and Awards

    Girl Scout badges are a great way for girls to explore their interests and learn new skills—and to remember every adventure by proudly wearing them on their uniforms as they show the world what they’ve accomplished.

    Girl Scout Highest Awards offer a way for girls and volunteers to continue their Girl Scout journey. The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards are the highest honors a Girl Scout may receive.

  • Entrepreneurial Product Programs

    Funds earned during these programs are held by the Product Program Office at Council for each individual girl. These credits can be used for GSMIDTN sponsored programs or events, items from The Cabin retail shop, GSMIDTN camp fees, and Take Action projects. Girls may contact the Product Program Office when they are ready to take a trip, attend an event, or are working on their Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, or Gold awards. Individual Girls will email Tracy Tudder, ttudder@gsmidtn.org or Kathleen Roder, kroder@gsmidtn.org to request their earned credits for their sponsored program or event.

  • Events and Outings

    Girls learn by doing and getting out into the world around them. IRGs outings might include visiting a business, going on a camp-out and hike, or even practicing life skills at a restaurant.

    Plus, IRGs can sign up for programs or activities to explore their current interests and discover new ones! Council-sponsored activities are designed to enhance the Girl Scout experience and are developed for specific grade levels. They include STEAM, environmental and outdoor, healthy living, and financial literacy type events.

    The events listed in CouncilAlignMENT are also published on our website. Both calendars include a list of upcoming events, programs, and camp opportunities.

    When Girl Scouts advance to the next Girl Scout level, they cross a bridge to symbolize a connection between their past Girl Scout experience and their future Girl Scout adventures. To see all new activities available after bridging, visit gsmidtn.org/renew.

  • Community Service and Take Action Projects

    Part of the Girl Scout Law is to “make the world a better place.” Community service makes the world better for some people right now. Take Action Projects, along with Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards, address the root cause of an issue and come up with sustainable, longer-lasting solutions. These projects strive to make the world a better place for more people for a much longer time. Sometimes, service and action just naturally blend together into one sustainable effort. As a Girl Scout, IRGs use both service and action to live out the Girl Scout Law and “make the world a better place!”

  • Summer Camp and Properties

    Our multi-week summer residential camp and year-round camp properties are better than ever with exciting outdoor experiences to fit all girls’ schedules and interests. IRGs can select from camp sessions that include traditional activities like archery and canoeing or specialized Girl Scout programming like horseback riding and theater.

  • Travel

    From field trips to global adventures, traveling with Girl Scouts gives girls the opportunity to learn about themselves, other cultures, new places, and the outdoors as they prepare, plan, and budget for their trip.


Here’s Where You Come In

Girl Scouts is a girl-led, family-driven Girl Scout experience. As a parent or advisor of an IRG, you and your Girl Scout will be partners, shaping and sharing in the fun of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Families who engage and volunteer have the opportunity to make a positive impact on girls in their community. Girls always need guides and mentors to help them develop into successful adults.

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee is here to provide resources, support, and opportunities for all Girl Scout families.

  • Ways You Can Help
    • Register them as a Girl Scout. Go to gsmidtn.org/CouncilAlignMENT to register/renew their membership, pay the annual membership dues, and plan upcoming programs.
    • Consider becoming an adult Girl Scout! By registering yourself, you become a fellow Girl Scout entitled to member benefits, including access to free training, activity accident insurance, and communications from Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee. They’ll see your commitment to their growth and before you know it, you’ll be growing too!
    • Help your Girl Scout choose their passion and path. Decide together when to meet and what Girl Scout activities, badges, and awards they would like to earn.
    • Find events and opportunities. Explore our event calendar and assist your Girl Scout in registering for activities that fit their interests. Find events and opportunities at gsmidtn.org/calendar.
    • Work together to create a budget to reach their goals. You can even complete a Financial Literacy badge in the process! Your Girl Scout may want to participate in our Fall Product or Cookie Programs to earn money to fund her experience.
    • Visit our retail shop at the Nashville Service Center and assist your Girl Scout with purchasing a uniform, badges earned, and a memory book. Check out our Cabin inventory at gsmidtn.org/shop.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do Juliettes connect with their local community of Girl Scouts for activities?

    IRGs and parents or advisors can attend volunteer-led events and meetings throughout the year. We will connect you with your local Service Unit so you don’t miss a thing! The weekly Connection and monthly IRG emails can also keep you updated on upcoming council events, trainings, and more that may help you achieve your goals as a Girl Scout. Parents and advisors of Girl Scout IRGs, in a way, are acting as volunteers.

    To connect with your local community of Girl Scouts, email your Regional Executive or call (615) 383-0490 with your county, school, and zip code.

  • CouncilAlignMENT

    What is CouncilAlignMENT? CouncilAlignMENT has been designed by Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee to fulfill the needs of volunteers, parents, and staff who want to better serve Girl Scouts in our community.

    Do I have to use CouncilAlignMENT? Yes, CouncilAlignMENT is used to register your Girl Scout as a council member and register for program events and activities as well as make payments online.

    How do I get started with CouncilAlignMENT? Contact your Regional Executive to receive instructions on how to set up your account!

Find Us on Social Media!

Once registered, you may request access to our private Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee Community Group. The group is the perfect place to ask for suggestions about upcoming events, connect with others outside your service unit, and trade ideas!

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee offers the best leadership development experience for girls in the world — one that is designed with, by, and for girls.