• What age do girls have to be to participate?

    Girl Scouts is a program for girls in Kindergarten – Forever!

    The program levels are:

    • Daisy: Grades K – 1
    • Brownie: Grades 2 – 3
    • Junior: Grades 4 – 5
    • Cadette: Grades 6 – 8
    • Senior: Grades 9 – 10
    • Ambassador: Grades 11 – 12
  • How much does it cost to participate and do I need to pay today?

    Annual membership dues required by Girl Scouts of the USA is $25. This registration fee is sent directly to GSUSA. No proceeds from the registration fee are used by our local council.

    Besides the registration fee, other optional costs include: uniforms, activity books (which are optional) and troop dues which are decided by each troop leader. Troop dues could vary from $1 – $5 per meeting or a monthly fee to help the leader cover costs of craft supplies and earned patches.

    Financial assistance is available.

  • How often are meetings held?

    Most Girl Scout troops meet 1-2 times per month, and the day and time is dependent on the troop your girl joins!

  • Will my daughter be placed with her friends or her sisters?

    If you have a special request like this, please make sure to add a note on the Registration Form. While we try our best to accommodate these, there is no guarantee. We encourage you to consider becoming a troop leader for your daughter and her friends! It’s fun and rewarding!

  • How soon will I hear back from her assigned troop leader?

    After the round-up events, registration forms are distributed to existing Troop Leaders seeking new girls and any new adult volunteers who have signed up to become a leader. This process could take 2-3 weeks.

    Because we are working with volunteers and each troop leader determines the right troop size for them, there is no guarantee that we will be able to place all girls. The good news is that we did place 100% of the girls last year, and that’s our number one goal this year as well! Please consider volunteering to help us reach this goal.

  • Who can volunteer as the troop leader?

    Any man or woman over the age of 18 who accepts the Girl Scout Promise can serve as a volunteer with Girl Scouts. Dedicated volunteers who are often family or community members who are excited to see girls grow. Contact Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee today to learn more.

  • What’s required to become a troop leader?

    To become a troop leader, volunteers must complete the volunteer application and background check. There is also required training with council staff. This will give new leaders all the background information about Girl Scouting!

  • Is it difficult being a troop leader?

    It’s definitely not difficult serving as a troop leader! You are rewarded with first hand participation in the Girl Scout program with your daughter and her friends! As a troop leader, you set the meeting place, time, and frequency as well as decide how many girls you would like to have in your troop!

  • How will I know what to do if I decide to become a troop leader?

    There are plenty of resources available to assist troop leaders! Our council offers frequent leader meetings for networking and idea sharing. The New Leader Training packet you will receive will contain valuable information on how to organize your meetings and there are tons of websites with great ideas. And, no, you don’t have to be great at crafts or singing to be a great troop leader!