Welcome Home!

We missed our campers last summer. We missed the campfires, the table chants, and the mischief. We missed the adventures, watching campers try something new, and hearing voices raised in song and laughter. We missed it all, and we’re so excited to welcome everyone home.

This summer is going to be different, just as everything has been different. However, the magic of summer camp will still be here—the friends, the activities, the counselors—waiting for us.

Our summer camp programming has always been designed to build social and physical skills, strengthen confidence, and help campers find their voice. But this year, these things are more important than ever. Our program has been re-designed with safety in mind but also prioritizes building strong, in-person connections with others, feeling included as part of a group, and developing new, concrete skills.

We believe that camp, now more than ever, is a crucial part of the fabric of Girl Scouts. We believe that being outdoors, building social and emotional skills with others, and forging in-person friendships in ways that have been recently challenging will combat Zoom fatigue and give campers a newfound sense of self. We know there is no better place than Girl Scout camp.

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