Welcome Home!

Our summer camp programming has always been designed to build social and physical skills, strengthen confidence, and help campers find their voice. Our program prioritizes building strong, in-person connections with others, feeling included as part of a group, and developing new, concrete skills.

We believe camp, now more than ever, is a crucial part of the fabric of Girl Scouts. We believe being outdoors, building social and emotional skills with others, and forging in-person friendships in ways that have been recently challenging will combat Zoom fatigue and give campers a newfound sense of self. We know there is no better place than Girl Scout camp.


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Important Dates

  • January 4: Summer Camp Registration Opens!
  • January 27: Intern Applications Due
  • January 18: Holiday Discount Deadline (Receive up to $90 off the price of one camp program)
  • February 1: Early Bird Discount Deadline (Receive up to $65 off the price of one camp program)
  • March 10: Military Discount Deadline (Receive up to $100 off the price of one camp program)
  • May 12: Last Day to Apply for Financial Assistance
  • May 19: All Payments Due
  • May 26: All Summer Camp Forms Due on CampDoc.com


Forms and Resources


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register for camp?

    Once registration opens on January 4, we encourage all camper families to register for camp on CouncilAlignMENT. Please make sure to check your CouncilAlignMENT profile or create one if you do not have one. If you have challenges with CouncilAlignMENT, you may contact a camp director.

  • Can I receive more than one discount?

    Each camper may receive only one discount per summer. Discounts apply to all campers, whether or not they are registered Girl Scouts. Available discounts include:

    • January 18, 2022: Holiday Discount Deadline (Receive up to $90 off the price of one camp program)
    • February 1, 2022: Early Bird Discount Deadline (Receive up to $65 off the price of one camp program)
    • March 10, 2022: Military Discount Deadline (Receive up to $100 off the price of one camp program)

    Military Discount requires proof of duty status. Some programs are not eligible for certain discounts. Please see program descriptions in the Camp Guide for more information.

    If you plan to register prior to the holiday discount deadline of January 18, please allow for more time for assistance as this is a high-volume time. 

  • Where can I find a packing list?

    Please see our resources linked above!

  • Will the information packet be mailed to me?

    All information packets will be emailed to you through a link sent to the email you provide during registration. You may request an information packet be mailed to you by contacting the registrar at EConwell@gsmidtn.org.

  • When can I check-in or check-out my camper?

    Campers will receive a specific check-in window approximately one week prior to camp. When you arrive, campers will undergo a health check, temperature screening, and head check.

    Camp Holloway

    • Check-in: Sunday 3 PM – 5 PM, Tuesday, 12 PM – 2 PM
    • Check-out: Friday 1 PM – 3 PM
    • Please see page 11 for information on Day Camp at Camp Holloway.

    Camp Sycamore

    • Check-in: Sunday 1 PM – 3 PM; Tuesday 11 AM – 12 PM
    • Check-out: Friday 1 PM – 3 PM

    If you need to pick up your camper earlier than the times listed, please contact the camp director no later than your camper’s check-in time.

  • What is the food like at camp?

    Child-friendly meals and snacks are provided for campers, and we review our menus annually to reflect the feedback we receive from campers and their families. If a camper does not like what is being served at any given meal, we do provide alternate options, and campers are always allowed to ask for additional servings or snacks if they are hungry.

  • What if my camper has allergies or dietary needs?

    We make every effort to meet dietary needs that are religiously based, common dietary practices in the home (for example: vegetarian or gluten-free), or those documented by a doctor. Dietary needs, including allergies, MUST be documented on the Health History Form in Camp Doc. Some diets may require you to provide supplemental food for your camper. Please contact your camp director at least two weeks prior to your camper’s arrival to discuss dietary arrangements.

  • What if my camper has medical or other needs?

    Both Camp Holloway and Camp Sycamore Hills have health officers on staff to attend to campers’ medical needs. The majority of staff at both camps, including the Health Officers, are certified in First Aid and CPR. Both camps have a local doctor that advises treatment plans. Every effort is made to serve a large range of campers and to make accommodations for campers’ needs.

    Please understand that Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee serves the general population, and we are not equipped or staffed to provide care for campers who need one-on-one assistance.

    Physical Needs

    If your camper has physical restrictions and/or uses a wheelchair, crutches, braces, or similar assistive technology, please contact our camp directors so we can plan the best possible experience. Many programs may be modified to meet the specific needs of our campers.

    Physical Restrictions

    Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee proudly offers a wide variety of activities with the goal of providing enriching experiences in areas that girls enjoy. While we strive to ensure our programs are inclusive and all girls have access to meaningful activities and experiences, some activities have inherent restrictions. In an effort to balance the demand for challenging activities and the safety and well-being of girls, staff, and animals, we offer the following programs and activities with restrictions as listed below.

    Adventure Activities

    Several of the activities offered at our facilities utilize specialized equipment. This equipment is designed with the safety of the participant in mind and has manufacturers’-recommended limitations to minimize the risk of injury to the participant. To ensure all participants are able to utilize equipment safely, the following weight limits must be strictly enforced:

    • High Challenge, Rappelling, Tree Climbing — 250 lbs.
    • Zipline, Flying Squirrel, Swing By Choice — 250 lbs.
    • CORCLs® — 225 lbs.

    In addition to these weight limits, supplied harnesses and equipment must fit properly and securely. Fit will be evaluated by counselors and instructors on-site.

    Equestrian Programs

    To protect the health and safety of our horses and participants, the maximum weight limit for participants in Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee horseback riding programs is 200 pounds. Current research shows that horses should carry no more than 20% of their weight. Our limit is based on the size of our horses, the weight of our equipment, and the type of activities we provide. As a Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) accredited site, we have established this policy in accordance with their safety protocols and recommendations. If your camper is participating in a camp program that includes ground activities, participants not eligible to ride can still participate in the ground portion of the program.


    All participants utilizing watercraft (including canoes, kayaks, and CORCLs) on council properties are required to wear Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) at all times. Usage of watercraft is dependent on proper fit of supplied PFDs and will be evaluated by the instructor/facilitator on site.

    For more information to decide if camp is right for your camper, please see the Camp Guide. If you have questions or concerns regarding a camper participating based on these restrictions or would like additional information on the basis of these restrictions, please contact a camp director. We realize these restrictions may lead to sensitive conversations, and we welcome the opportunity to speak in advance of your camp program to discuss options and potential solutions.

  • Can my camper bring their cell phone?

    Cell phones and any other electronic devices are not permitted at camp. We want campers to fully experience their camp programs and engage directly with other campers and staff. Camp is a time to build confidence in being away from home and learn to problem-solve in unfamiliar environments. In addition, cell phones are expensive, camp can get dirty and wet, and items get lost easily. If you or your camper feel they need a cell phone to spend the night away, we encourage you to register for Me and Mine or day camp programs. Cell phones discovered after check-in will be confiscated and stored in the camp office for the rest of the week. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items at camp. This applies to campers at all levels, including CIT and CIT II.

  • Does my camper have to be a Girl Scout to come to camp?

    Not at all! All girls are welcome to attend summer camp! Campers who are not Girl Scouts will be charged a Non-Girl Scout Fee for each program. Please note, this fee does not include registration as a Girl Scout.

  • Will my camper work on Journeys or Badges while at camp?

    Most camp sessions will work towards badge requirements. Learn more at gsmidtn.org/summer-camp-badges.

  • What if my camper is placed on a waiting list? Will they make it into the chosen program?

    We cannot predict or guarantee whether your camper will be placed into a program from the waiting list. Camp directors check their numbers weekly and make adjustments to accommodate as many campers as possible. If there are no remaining spaces available in a program, vacancies will only be created if another camper cancels.

    Some programs are in high demand and will fill early in the year. If your camper is placed on a waiting list, you have several options:

    • Remain on the waiting list for available space. Camp directors check waiting lists weekly and make adjustments as needed dependent on housing. Occasionally spaces open quickly, and sometimes they will not open at all. You may remain on the waiting list for as long as you’d like, or you may request a transfer or a refund at any time.
    • Transfer to a different camp week with availability. Simply contact the camp director to make this change.
    • Request a refund. Contact the camp director to cancel your program and request a refund.

    If you join the waiting list to hold spots in two or more programs, you must cancel any additional programs within 10 days of receiving the placement notice from CouncilAlignMENT. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting your deposit in any additional programs that your camper is placed in.

  • Can my camper choose a buddy?

    Absolutely! Campers planning to attend with a buddy must register for the same week and program as their buddy. They must also be in the same Girl Scout level. Campers who are in different Girl Scout grade levels will not be housed in the same unit even if they are registered for the same program.

    We will make every effort to honor ONE buddy request. Why just one? Due to the limits in cabin capacity and our desire to foster an inclusive environment, we want to avoid a situation that leaves one girl out. Camp is a great place to make new friends and try new activities.

  • Does my camper have to wear a mask?

    The safety of our campers, staff, and volunteers is the highest priority for Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee. Based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), and the American Camp Association (ACA), we made changes to camp operations for summer 2021, some of which may continue through summer 2022. The scope of the COVID-19 pandemic is ever-changing, as are guidelines from these trusted organizations. The most up-to-date information on our guidelines will be shared here as decisions are made.

  • What is the refund policy for this summer?

    Full refunds will be issued until May 19, 2022, for any reason. After this date, refunds will only be issued due to illness of camper, exposure to COVID-19 or a positive test within two weeks of the camper’s camp date, or a family or other emergency. Please contact your camp director to request a refund in writing. See the Camp Guide for more details regarding our cancellation policies.