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Renew Your Troop’s Membership

2025 Early Bird Renewal Instructions

[click here for a step-by-step visual guide]

  • Visit and login with your username/password.
  • Navigate to your “Troop Management (2024)” box in the bottom left hand corner.
  • Then, click on “Troop Member Roster (Re-Register Option).”
  • Select “Re-Register Troop” at the top of the page.
  • Utilize check box function to select current girl and adult members who plan to re-register. Click the blue “Re-Register” button to continue.
  • At this point, you may add any Gift to Girl donations next to the individual making the donation.
    • Leaders should enter all donations and click “Add Donation” before checking any of the Xs.
  • Click the red X next to all girls and adults you wish to pay for.
    • All items that do not have a green check mark will remain in your Troop Shopping Cart until selected.
  • Girls and adults will not be officially “registered” until paid.
  • Use your troop debit card to pay for membership fees and Gift to Girl donations.
  • Continue until you have made it to the Payment Confirmation page.
    • If you choose to navigate away from the checkout page before submitting payment, your Troop Shopping Cart can be found next to the “Re-Register Troop” button above your roster.
  • Submit online registration by June 5, 2024.

Download the Early Bird Troop Toolkit for more information and instructions

Volunteers Make the Future!

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee has always appreciated the value and support our leaders bring to our organization. We are excited to honor our volunteers in the following ways:

  • GSMIDTN will pay the GSUSA registration fees for one 01 and 02 for every troop.
  • GSMIDTN will pay for one CPR/First Aid certification and Outdoor Skills for each troop.

Renew Your Troop’s Membership


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should my troop consider renewal?

    Current memberships (except Lifetime Members*) expire September 30, 2024. Renewing shows the troop is continuing and ready for the next year of adventures. Make sure volunteers and girls have renewed! The earlier the commitment, the easier it is to keep things together.

    *Lifetime Members do have a membership ready for 2024, but their troop does not. Lifetime members who are volunteers still need to renew their troop registration.

  • Can I renew my Girl Scout's membership individually on CouncilAlignMENT?

    Technically yes, but we encourage troops to use Early Bird Renewal as an opportunity to decide about returning as a group. 

  • What is Early Bird Renewal?

    Early Bird Renewal is an opportunity for troops to renew their membership for the next Girl Scout year (October 2024-September 2025).

    Girl Scouts who register from April 3-June 5 will receive extra perks, plus a registration discount.

  • How do the incentives work?

    See the chart at the top of the page for incentives and their corresponding deadlines!

    • What is considered Troop 100% Renewal?
      To be eligible for these rewards, a troop must have 100% membership renewal. E.g., if a troop had 12 members during the 2024 Girl Scout year, 12 girls must sign up for the 2025 Girl Scout year.

      • Renewal percentages will be based on a comparison to the number of paid girl registrations for the 2024 Girl Scout year as of April 2, 2024.
    • How will troop leaders know how many girls are in their troops?
      Current troop rosters are available for viewing in CouncilAlignMENT under a troop leader’s “Troop Management” box.
    • As a troop leader, what should I do with the “inactive” girls on my roster? Will they affect my renewal numbers?
      Your renewal goal is based on girls registered as of 11:59 p.m. April 2, 2024. Inactive girls should be submitted to your Regional Executive in March to remove them from your roster.
    • What if girls are not coming back next year?
      Troop volunteers and/or girls in the troop will need to recruit new girls to join the troop and “replace” the girl(s) not returning. Girls not returning due to graduation/aging out of the girl program are not required to have a replacement within the troop. Please verify these members with your Regional Executive.
    • It feels like I’m just being penalized because I have girls not returning.
      Our intent is to be inclusive and help expand Girl Scout membership in Middle Tennessee! We understand 100% renewal is a stretch goal, and the incentives we are offering reflect that. We hope that by are extending an invitation to a new girl, they would help enhance your troop and make for the best Girl Scout experience.


New Opportunities for Bridging Troops

  • Daisy to Brownie
    • Go camping at one of our camp properties
    • Take an overnight trip with your troop
    • Attend Brownie First Nighter
    • Try activities like archery, cooking over a campfire, Lego robotics, and rock climbing
    • Attend a Brownie Core Camp program
    • Spend a whole week at summer camp
  • Brownie to Junior
    • Spend up to 3 days traveling with your troop
    • Attend a Junior Core Camp program
    • Attend Junior Journey Weekend
    • Earn your Bronze Award
    • Try activities like flying squirrel, swing by choice, kayaking, and canoeing
    • Go horseback riding
  • Junior to Cadette
    • Go on a Destination or a council-sponsored travel trip
    • Earn your LiA, PA, and PA Skilled Bar Awards
    • Earn the Cadette Community Service Bar
    • Earn your Silver Award
    • Attend Cadette Journey Weekend
    • Try activities like high ropes challenge and zip line
    • Take a week-long trip with your troop
    • Become a Vaquera and be around horses all the time
  • Cadette to Senior
    • Go on a Destination or council-sponsored travel trip
    • Earn your CIT and VIT Awards
    • Earn your Senior Community Service Bar
    • Earn your Gold Award
    • Attend Senior Journey Weekend
    • Be on the Teen Advisory Committee
    • Become a Vaquera and be around horses all the time
  • Senior to Ambassador
    • Go on a Destination or council-sponsored travel trip
    • Earn your CIT and VIT Awards
    • Earn your Ambassador Community Service Bar
    • Earn your Gold Award
    • Attend Ambassador Journey Weekend
    • Be on the Teen Advisory Committee
    • Apply for scholarships for college


Renew Your Troop’s Membership

* National membership dues are $25 per member, and these fees go directly to GSUSA. With this incentive, member registrations will be subsidized by GSMIDTN to cost $15 per member through May 15, 2024 and $20 per member through June 5, 2024.

† Incentive tiers are not cumulative and will be distributed by the start of the 2025 Girl Scout year. You will receive an email with redemption instructions from your Regional Executive.

‡ Please ask your Regional Executive how to redeem or see page 6 of the Early Bird Renewal Toolkit. Additional adults registered will be eligible for the discounted membership relative to the tier in which they registered.

§ Renewal percentages will be based on the number of paid girl registrations for the 2024 Girl Scout year for memberships dated no later than April 2, 2024 at 11:59 PM. This number will be compared to paid girl registrations for the 2025 Girl Scout year within the appropriate tier. Camporee Camptivity and Travel Activity options are subject to restrictions.

** Number of badges, patches, and program supplies received will be based on the troop’s number of paid girl registrations for the 2025 Girl Scout year for memberships dated between April 3 and May 15, 2024.

†† Troop incentives are one per troop unless otherwise listed.