Council Quests are new programs created by Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee with Middle Tennessee’s needs in mind. Our current offerings include Josephine’s Journey, an examination of the life’s work of Josephine Holloway through the lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and All of Me, designed to educate, emphasize, and enlighten girls in Social, Emotional, and Mental Health, as well as Responsible Decision Making.

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Girl Scout grade levels have different Quests to choose from that include age-appropriate activities and discussion topics!

Like Girl Scout Journeys, Council Quests can be completed by a troop over several meetings, with your Service Unit, or over the course of a council-led program. However, Council Quests are different than Journeys in that they cannot be used for Bronze, Silver, or Gold Awards; and Council Quests are offered at three different levels for each topic: Brownie & Junior, Cadette, and Senior & Ambassador.

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Josephine’s Journey

  • Camp Holloway: 1955 (Brownie & Junior)

    In 1951 land was purchased by the Girl Scouts of Cumberland Valley (now Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee) so Black girls would have a place to go to summer camp. After several years of preparation and hard work, in 1955, Camp Holloway opened.

    Brownies and Junior will take a step back in time and explore the new camp, experiencing some of the historic and monumental challenges one courageous Girl Scout heroine overcame to bring camp magic to every girl.

  • Troop 200: The Pioneers (Cadette)

    In 1924, Josephine Holloway attended a training session with Girl Scout’s founder Juliette Gordon Low and requested to start an official troop. Her request was denied, but she began an unofficial troop for Black girls, using a copy of the Girl Scout handbook to lead her troop.

    Cadettes will imagine themselves as a member of Troop 200 and reflect on how our world was shaped by the pioneering acts of others.

  • Hidden Heroine (Senior & Ambassador)

    More than just a familiar name, Josephine Holloway was a pioneer, trailblazer, and an unyielding force that brought about change in her community. Honored by GSUSA as a “Hidden Heroine” in 1976, Holloway is a true example of the Girl Scout Promise in action.

    Seniors and Ambassadors will take an introspective and empathetic view of Josephine’s life and accomplishments, and ask where they can find Hidden Heroines in our own community.


All of Me

  • Pieces of Me (Brownie & Junior)

    Brownies and Juniors learn about their whole self. Emotions, thoughts, and feelings are explored as important pieces of every girl’s unique and individual identity. They are equally important in managing how girls feel about themselves and how they identify with and act towards others.

  • Proud of Me (Cadette)

    Cadettes will learn to recognize their thoughts, feelings, and emotions as aspects of their whole self that they can and should be proud of. Girls will learn why building a solid social and emotional foundation prepares them to be successful leaders and strong contributors to an ever-changing world.

  • Power of Me (Senior & Ambassador)

    Seniors and Ambassadors will learn to utilize the strength of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in real-world situations. Utilizing their social, emotional, and mental core as a guide, girls will become empowered to advocate for themselves, others, and their communities as they become leaders.


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