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Welcome to our Badge Resources page! Here you will find many digital and virtual badge curriculum. Explore storytelling, experiment with cooking, or create beautiful art – your adventure starts now!  

Parents and troop leaders, we have designed these badges to use common household items for your convenience. Feel free to look through the online forms and videos ahead of time to verify that you have any materials necessary for the badge. Once you have completed a badge, contact to purchase.

Badge Blasts

  • Women's History Month

    Celebrate Women’s History month by learning about important women of the past! Daisies earn the Courageous and Strong petal, Brownies earn My Family Story, Juniors earn Scribe, Cadettes earn Screenwriter, Seniors earn Novelist, and Ambassadors earn Public Policy. To receive your Women’s History Month Badge Blast, please complete this form:

  • Galentine's Day Party

    Plan the ultimate Galentine’s day party while working towards badges along the way! This badge blast contains one curriculum for all Girl Scout levels, with a badge for each level sprinkled in. To receive your Galentine’s Day Badge Blast, please complete this form:

  • Mental Health & Wellness

    This badge blast focuses on mental health and wellness. Daisies will earn the Respect Myself and Others petal, Brownies will earn “My Best Day” (adapted for the lens of mental health) and Junior- Ambassador will earn the Mental Health patch series from GSUSA. To receive your Mental Health & Wellness Badge Blast, please complete this form:

  • Outdoor Art

    April is the first full month of Spring and the month containing Earth Day! The outdoors can be celebrated and enjoyed any month, of course, and you can do that with your troop with the Outdoor Art badge! Each level of Girl Scouts has an outdoor art badge,ranging from Daisy’s Outdoor Art Maker all the way through Outdoor Art Master forAmbassadors. The general steps for each level are the same, so we have included someage-appropriate ideas for each step for each Girl Scout level. The link to the form is

  • Bridging Ceremony

    Girl Scout Bridging Ceremonies are one of the most time-honored traditions of Girl Scouts to celebrate Girl Scouts moving from one level to the next. This badge blast is designed to help answer your questions and provide you with some ideas of what to do with your Girl Scouts during the Bridging Ceremony. The link to the form is

Online Badges

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