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Are you interested in being a part of something greater than yourself? Do you want to be surrounded by other girls who help you reach your full potential? Would you like to learn how to canoe or master an art? What about prepare for college or a future career, while gaining valuable life skills? With Girl Scouts you can do those things and MORE.

We invite girls in grades K-12 to join our mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.


Activities By Age Group

Daisy - Kindergarten - 1st Grade

  • Interact with and learn about the world through play and various other activities.
  • Explore the arts and their communities.
  • Learn to live in accordance with the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
  • Learn how to care for herself and gain confidence through knowing her own capabilities.

Brownies - 2nd - 3rd Grades

  • Explore her place in the wider world of girls.
  • Experience friendship, fun and age-appropriate activities at troop meetings and in her community.
  • Further strengthen her confidence through participation in those fun and challenging activities.
  • Gain practice with important teamwork skills and learn about new ways to work with others.

Junior - 4th - 5th Grades

  • Discover what girl power is all about through new activities and by learning to take charge of the planning process.
  • Learn how she can combine her own power into team power and use it to spark community power to make her community a better place.
  • Explore all the roles open to her in life.
  • Have fun trying on different roles and learning about people and the power of real-life action and leadership.

Cadette - 6th - 8th Grades

  • Improve her leadership skills and work to assist younger Girl Scout troops.
  • Focus on adventure and community service.
  • Explore the many national and international travel opportunities available to her.
  • Earn the Silver Award, the second highest award in Girl Scouts.
  • Develop the people skills that future leaders need.

Senior - 9th - 10th Grades

  • Explore travel, career options, self-image and healthy lifestyles.
  • Earn the Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouts.
  • Learn about and develop her own values, attitudes, actions and leadership.
  • Expand her friendship borders, boost her confidence and make the most of her leadership skills.
  • Learn to raise her voice to advocate for issues she truly cares about.

Ambassador - 11th - 12th Grades

  • Mix and match activities and resources to suit her interests while also giving back to the community.
  • Gain and improve upon a wide array of skills (including networking, planning and speaking up for what she believes) that will benefit her as she prepares for life beyond high school.
  • Learn about the decision-making process and explore ways to create and present her own unique vision of the changes she wants to make in the world.
  • Explore her values, strengths and passions as a way to open doors to wonderful new adventures.

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