Are you looking for a place to take your troop for their next adventure? Or perhaps they just want to get outdoors, go on a hike, or have a picnic?

Our camp properties are the perfect place to spend a day with your troop! We offer dozens of amazing activities, adventure opportunities, and horse programs as well as plenty of wide-open space to get outdoors and back to nature.

To request an adventure activity on one of our properties, please submit a property reservation through CouncilAlignMENT. You must have completed Online Camping Skills training to submit your request.

Visit CouncilAlignMENT to complete your property reservation.

For questions on how to reserve a property, please review our CouncilAlignMENT Reservation Instructions.

Required trainings for reservations:

  • Online Camping Skills (all reservations and activities)
  • First Aid and CPR (all reservations)
  • Camping Skills 1 (cabin reservations)
  • Camping Skills 2 (screened cabins, platform tents, and outdoor cooking)


Want to reserve an activity at one of our properties? Check out our adventure and activities