Welcome to Girl Scouts!

By choosing Girl Scouts, your future leader is a part of a larger, girl-led community committed to her success. Through Girl Scouting, you’ll help shape your girl’s experience as she gains valuable skills, tries new things, and tackles challenges head-on.

  • Join Girl Scouts Step-by-Step
    1. Visit gsmidtn.org/CouncilAlignMENT.
    2. Click “Create User Account” and input necessary fields. A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours.
    3. After receiving the confirmation email, be sure to store username and password in a safe place so you do not forget it. If you do forget your username, reach out to your Regional Executive.
    4. Return to CouncilAlignMENT to log in and complete following steps:
      • Select “Girl Membership” or “Adult Membership.” Ensure the membership year states 2019 and then follow steps to complete registration profile.
      • Proceed to “Troop Selection” and enter in the address of the location where your Girl Scout troop will be meeting (your leader can provide this address for you).
      • If you know your troop number, enter it here. Your troop should appear after clicking “Refresh List.”
      • If you do not know your number or it does not show up, reach out to your Regional Executive.
      • Proceed to payment.
  • The Basics

    Innovative Programming

    Any girl five years old and in grades K–12 can join the fun at Girl Scouts! Whether they want to make new friends, sign up for exciting programs, explore the outdoors, or travel the world, each grade level has something for them. Girls are placed in the appropriate age level according to school grade.

    Girl Scout grade levels are:

    • Daisy: K – 1st grades
    • Brownie: 2nd – 3rd grades
    • Junior: 4th – 5th grades
    • Cadette: 6th – 8th grades
    • Senior: 9th – 10th grades
    • Ambassador: 11th – 12th grades

    Ways to Camp

    Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee offers many ways to get outdoors! Girls may start their experience with a day trip to camp canoeing, conquering our zip-line, or doing archery. We encourage Girl Scouts to overcome their fears and move beyond their limits. Girls can choose to attend camping programs with or without their troop.

    Our Camp Properties

    1. Camp Holloway (Millersville, TN)
    2. Camp Piedmont (Readyville, TN)
    3. Camp Sycamore Hills (Ashland City, TN)
  • Funding the Fun

    Membership Dues & Fees

    A $25 annual membership fee, due at the time of registration, goes directly to Girl Scouts of the USA and pays for the various services provided to councils, development of program materials, and activity insurance.

    Depending on their level, girls can wear a sash, vest, or tunic as their uniform. Uniforms are required and can be purchased in the Girl Scout Cabin. The price varies on uniforms and required pieces. If you need financial assistance, reach out to your Regional Executive for more information.

    Your Girl Scout’s troop may also collect dues to pay for activity supplies, field trips, service projects, and more. Participating in Girl Scout Fall Product and Cookie Programs can help finance her troop’s activities!

    Join Today and Bring a Friend!

    The national membership dues are $25 per person and these fees go directly to GSUSA.

    This year has presented unique challenges to all, and it’s more important than ever before to teach our girls the importance of being a sister to every girl. The Bring a Friend campaign encourages our Girl Scouts to extend our sisterhood to others in a time when it’s most needed.

    Girl Scouts are encouraged to “Bring a Friend” to join their troop! After getting permission from troop leaders, girls can use the “Bring a Friend” flyer to invite friends to her troop meetings and to be a part of the Girl Scout sisterhood. Any girl who has friends to join Girl Scouts can fill out the Google Form to receive a special patch for her and her friend!

    Bring a Friend to Join Your Troop

    Financial Assistance

    Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee is committed to providing all girls with the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts regardless of financial background. Contact your Regional Executive to learn more.

Friendships begin at Girl Scouts.

Join Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee

Volunteer with Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee

Here’s Where You Come In

Positive family support is an essential part in building girls that are bold and committed. Your dedication to her growth won’t go unnoticed you’ll be growing too! Families who engage and volunteer have the opportunity to make a positive impact on girls in their community. Girls always need guides and mentors to help them develop into successful adults.

Whether you lead a troop or chaperone field trips, the time you devote will inspire today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders. Consider becoming a volunteer to help your Girl Scout make the world a better place! 

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee is here to provide resources, support, and opportunities for all Girl Scout families.

If you are interested in leading a troop, contact your Regional Executive to learn about the great benefits and discounts we give to volunteers!

  • Ways You Can Help
    • Leader/Co-Leader(s): Plans/assists in leading activities and communicates with parents
    • Treasurer: Reconciles bank statement
    • Troop Cookie Coordinator: Organizes Cookie Program sales
    • Fall Product Coordinator: Organizes Fall Product sales
    • Event Coordinator: Plans events/field trips for troop to participate in
    • Service Project Coordinator: Organizes and plans service projects
    • Activity Chaperone/Driver: Drives, serves as adult helper at activities trips
    • First-Aid Parent: Certified in CPR and First Aid (must attend all camping events)
    • Phone Tree Chair: Makes phone calls in case of last-minute meeting, activity changes, or emergency
    • Badge Coordinator: Takes a specific badge or Journey and plans activities to fulfill its requirements
    •  Meeting Helper: Helps at each meeting with pre-planned activities
    • Cookie Booth Chaperone: Serves as adult coordinator and cookie booth supervisor
    • Troop Photographer: Takes photos and posts to online site or memory book
    • Snack/Supply Coordinator: Organizes snacks and supplies for each meeting
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do girls join a Girl Scout troop? After interest night or recruitment events, your Regional Executive will be in touch to share if there are leaders and registration instructions. For new troops, this can take a few weeks to find and train volunteers. Some existing troops take in new girls and this can be a pretty quick process.

    If you have already registered and are looking for a troop, the membership team will do their best to find you an open troop or a new troop to join. Reach out to your Regional Executive to find out what troops are open in your area.

    How often and when do Girl Scout troops meet? Most troops meet 1-2 times per month, and the day and time is dependent on the troop your girl joins!

    Where do troops meet? Troops typically meet in schools, homes, clubhouses, libraries, or places of worship.

    What do girls do at the meetings? During troop meetings, girls learn leadership and friendship skills through our badge programs! We have a variety of badges so each girl can explore her own interests.

    Who leads Girl Scout troops? Girl Scout troops are volunteer-led by dedicated family or community members who are excited to see girls grow, and each adult plays a specific role in the troop.

    What’s required to become a troop leader? To become a troop leader, volunteers must complete the CouncilAlignMENT volunteer application and online background check. There is also required training with council staff. This will give new leaders all the background information about Girl Scouting!

  • Helpful Resources

Find Us on Social Media!

Once registered, you may request access to our private Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee Community Group. The group is the perfect place to ask for suggestions about upcoming troop events, connect with others outside your troop or service unit, and trade ideas!

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee offers the best leadership development experience for girls in the world — one that is designed with, by, and for girls.