If you’ve never been to summer camp at Camp Holloway or Camp Sycamore Hills, you might have noticed that campers use many words you don’t hear anywhere else!

What’s a kaper? Do you get to pet turtles during turtle time?
And why are there people named Flip Flop and Monkey?!

Don’t worry, we’re here to clear up some of the confusion! See our list below to learn what all those wacky words are and get ready to learn them before your camp adventure:

Camp Names: A counselor is a special person – she is not teacher or stern authority figure, but she is also not a best friend. To reflect this special status, each staff member chooses a camp name that reflects who she is. Counselors-In-Training (CITs), interns and campers who have attended summer camp, Me & Mine or Do Dads for four years can also choose a camp name. Camp is calling YOU to come meet Stitches, Monkey, Flip Flop, Twinkle and Sheldon!

Dream Ceremony: As part of the closing campfire at both Camp Holloway and Camp Sycamore Hills, campers participate in a Dream Ceremony. At Camp Holloway, girls think of their dreams and wish upon a stone. They then place their stone in a log carved by the Woodland Elves so the Elves can carry their wishes into the forest. At Camp Sycamore Hills, campers wish upon a pearl and string them together to hang onto the Dream Tree.

Holloway Heroines and Sycamore Sheros: Holloway Heroines and Sycamore Sheros are helpful staff members who go above and beyond to make camp a special place, and always have extra time for their campers. Each week campers and staff vote for counselors who focused on campers needs and experiences, lent a helpful hand, made a program area awesome, made a camper’s day and more! It’s a huge honor to be named a Holloway Heroine or Sycamore Shero! Their camp names can never be re-used.

Hoppers: Campers and counselors rotate being hoppers, or “helpers,” at mealtimes. Hoppers set tables, lead everyone in grace and tidy the dining hall at the end of a meal. Hoppers are also responsible for bringing food to their tables and requesting seconds from the kitchen.

Kapers: A kaper is special Girl Scout way to say “chores.” As Girl Scouts, our camps belong to all of us, and it’s up to everyone to help keep them clean! We schedule time for girls to do camp-wide kapers and kapers at their cabins/units each day.

Meal Wheel: At the end of each meal a counselor will spin a large wheel with different kapers on it (such as picking cups, wiping down the table, sweeping, etc.). Girls will know what to do based on their color (assigned at each table) and where the wheel lands. It is one way we can keep camp sparkling and tidy.

Singing Porch and Singing Tree: The Singing Porch at Camp Holloway and Singing Tree at Camp Sycamore Hills is where campers gather before meals. Some staff will lead girls in songs and games while other campers set up the dining hall for meals.

Sycamore Spirit: The Sycamore Spirit watches over campers during their week and usually makes an appearance at opening and closing campfire. The Spirit loves to receive mail from campers and will sometimes write back!

Turtle Time: Every day campers rest by having some quiet time in their unit – just like turtles retreat into their shells! This time is designed for mail and letter writing, reading books, taking naps or playing quiet games.

Woodland Elves: The Woodland Elves are mystical creatures that roam around Camp Holloway and live in the tree next to the pavilion by the amphitheater. We wake them up before opening campfire, and they sometimes send mail to campers during the week!

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