To prevent the spread of COVID-19, school districts across Middle Tennessee are closing and businesses are moving to remote-work situations.

From our Virtual Badges and Camps to online troop meetings, Girl Scouts are learning to connect in innovative ways. But as we all spend more time at home and in front of screens, the importance of using safe online techniques is more important than ever.

Whether girl or adult, we’ve gathered up three tips to help us stay “Safer at Home.”

  1. Set up boundaries with people you trust. From time limits to content blockers, these boundaries help keep you protected online. Ask your parents or close friends what boundaries they think would be helpful for you to implement.
  2. Protect your personal information. Depending on the online accounts you create or websites you visit, personal information like your full name, address, phone number, and birthdate should be kept private.
  3. Only communicate with people you know. Online platforms allow us to talk with our friends and family both near and far, but make sure you know and trust the people you’re in contact with!

Did you know Girl Scouts has three Cybersecurity badges for each grade level? Cybersecurity Basics, Safeguards, and Investigators teach age-appropriate techniques for staying safe online, and today we’re highlighting them online as part of Virtual Girl Scouts

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