Passions Become Careers

Do you ever wonder how you will pick a career? Come to this program to learn how to take your passions and hobbies and turn them into career options. You will hear from female entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses and are following their dreams to successContinue Reading

Smart Kids: Babysitting 101

This is a comprehensive babysitting training course for 5th grade Juniors, Cadettes, and Seniors. Babysitting 101 is a fun, interactive program that trains aspiring babysitters in topics such as: starting your business, understanding the likes and dislikes of children, equipping yourself with fun ideas, and recognizing common problemsContinue Reading

Lights, Camera, Action!

Yes, you can learn the inner workings of a TV studio! Come to the Nashville, Education, Community, and Arts Television (NECAT) Studio to learn the basics of how to work a camera, stand on a green screen, and try sitting in a sound studio and more! This isContinue Reading

Program Aide Core

Hey Cadettes! Did you enjoy earning your Leadership in Action Award? Want to learn more skills to help younger Girl Scouts? We know that you’re fully capable of helping out in a troop, service unit, or council sponsored program. Build your leadership skills in this first step towardsContinue Reading

Girl Scout Day on the Hill

Have you ever wondered about what happens in the Tennessee State Legislature? Be a part of a vote, tour the Capitol Building, meet your State Representatives and listen to a variety of speakers about the ways Girl Scouts can engage in politics and the role Tennessee has playedContinue Reading