Innovation – Creation

Create, innovate, and generate ideas as we make and possibly break bridges! We’ll design and construct some models and test our feats of innovation to see if they hold upContinue Reading

Junior Cybersecurity – Safeguards

Curious about the new Junior Cybersecurity badges? Our friends from MIDMRKT Suite will help you earn your Cybersecurity Safeguards badge. This session is limited so please register earlyContinue Reading

Earn Your Wings

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s Girl Scouts and we’re taking on the Murfreesboro Municipal Airport to learn all about airplanes. Join us and the Aerospace Department of Middle Tennessee State University to try flight simulators, get up close and personal with airplanes, andContinue Reading

Mad Science

Explore the wonders of science with female scientists from the Phi Rho Engineering sorority at Vanderbilt University. Make things bubble, move, and explode during this day of experiments and exploration! This event is currently closed with a waiting listContinue Reading