Girl Scouts wouldn’t exist without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and leaders so this month we’re saying a big THANK YOU to all the Service Unit Managers, Troop Leaders, Co-Leaders, and Fall Product and Cookie Coordinators in Middle Tennessee!

Seven Ways to Say THANK YOU to Your Leaders!

To celebrate Girl Scout Leader’s Day coming up this month (April 22!), we’ve come up with a list of seven fun ways to show your leaders how much they mean to you:

  1. Tell them in person. Make a special effort to say your thanks when you see your volunteer this month. Having it come directly from you will be the sweetest gift!
  2. Make something for them. Break out your craft supplies to create a scrapbook, paint a picture or frame a memento of a time you spent with that volunteer. They’ll love having a special gift from you!
  3. Send them a note or email. Be sure your Girl Scout volunteer knows how thankful you are for their hard work by writing a sweet note. If you prefer digital designs, create a custom eCard and then share your creation on social media or email!
  4. Recognize their hard work in your meeting this month! Surprise your volunteer by sharing about their dedication to Girl Scouts in front of your group. Shout it loud and clear: I love my Girl Scout volunteer!
  5. Give them a small token of your appreciation. Whether it’s a gift card for a cup of coffee or their favorite candy bar, they will appreciate that you thought about them! 
  6. Make a donation in their honor. Girl Scout leaders dedicate so much of their time and energy to build girls of courage, confidence and character. Help their efforts by donating to Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee.
  7. Submit their volunteer story to be featured on GSMIDTN. We know that each of our volunteers has a story behind their service, and we’d love to hear it. Email us your volunteer’s story for us to share in an upcoming blog post!

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