Cookie season has started! Contact your local girl scout to order your cookies or find a booth near you.

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Leader Mentor Program

The new year and the Leader Mentor Program are officially here! Build up a close Girl Scouting community and support around you with the mentor program. Get together and learn from the experienced and your peers within the mentoring pairs or buddy groups. Mentoring pairs and buddy groups are safe, friendly spaces to ask questions, formulate new ideas, and learn from others’ experiences to make your Girl Scout leadership experience more enjoyable and sustainable. Thanks for all you do!

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Program Registration Open!

You and your troop can start signing up for any program in the 2023-2024 Girl Scout year! Go to CouncilAlignMENT to check out all the awesome activities up ahead.


Make Your Way with Girl Scouts!

The next Girl Scout year begins in the fall– join the fun! Girls from Kindergarten-12th grade will find the adventure they’re looking for with GSMIDTN, alongside friends who love and support them!