March 8-14 is National Girl Scout Week, and we are celebrating all things STEAM today! We’ve asked Manager of Council Sponsored Programs Alice LaBour to share how STEAM is part of our every day life.

What is STEAM anyway? STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics and is a very important part of the Girl Scout experience. In fact, it is important enough to be one of the four main focus areas we think about when planning Girl Scout programs and badge activities! When we think about activities that utilize STEAM, we think of ones where a Girl Scout can think critically and creatively to solve a program or make something new.

Can you think about the last activity you did where you used STEAM thinking? It was probably an activity pretty recently because we use STEAM thinking in our everyday lives! For example, STEAM is used in many school settings with students studying interdisciplinary subjects as well as in work settings where people need to work together to come to solutions and agreements. Everyone uses STEAM thinking on a regular basis, from entrepreneurs who are creating new products to meet a need to students solving a word problem in math class.

As Girl Scouts, we use STEAM thinking in so many of our activities, from figuring out the most effective ways to sell cookies to completing Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards. STEAM can be found in almost every badge that a Girl Scout can earn, from the outdoor badges to the science and technology badges, and every one in between!

Interested in doing more STEAM activities with Girl Scouts? Check out our Outdoor Fun in the Sun Day on June 17, where Girl Scouts and their families are invited to participate in STEAM and outdoor activities with Nashville Shores. Would you like more STEAM programs during troop meetings? Check out our Girl Innovator travel programs and reserve yours today.