Girl Scout Cookie™
Food Allergen Guide (2022–2023)

Little Brownie Bakers updated the precautionary allergen disclosure on its Girl Scout Cookie packaging labels. All packaged foods in the U.S., including Girl Scout Cookies,® are required to identify any of the top eight food allergens present as ingredients either in the ingredients list or through a “Contains” statement. A precautionary allergen disclosure (“Manufactured in a shared facility with” statement) was added to our labels to declare the presence of allergens in the bakery where Girl Scout Cookies are made. This update was made to continue to prioritize safety and to be transparent and sensitive to the needs of our customers. Little Brownie Bakers confirms that customers will be buying the same cookies they know and love — and purchase year after year — with no changes made to the manufacturing process.

Product formulations can change at any time. Consumers should always review the ingredient statement for their individual allergies or dietary restrictions for the most up-to-date information on the ingredients contained in the product in that package. For more details, check with Little Brownie Bakers.