With school districts across our 39 counties closing and businesses moving to remote-work situations (to prevent the spread of COVID-19), many of our families are finding a need for activities to fill their days at home. Luckily, our Girl Scout program has plenty of ways for girls to stretch their imagination and learn something new! Over the next few days, we’ll break down a series of badges girls can earn by themselves or virtually with their troop.

Brownie Home Scientist Badge: Find out where science has been hiding in your home. When you’ve earned the Home Scientist badge, you’ll be able to see the science all around you.

Brownie | Home Scientist

  1. Be a kitchen chemist
  2. Create static electricity
  3. Dive into density
  4. Make something bubble up
  5. Play with science

Junior Entertainment Technology Badge: Explore the ins and outs of entertainment technology. When you’ve earned the Entertainment Technology badge, you’ll know the science behind the world of entertainment.

Junior | Entertainment Technology

  1. Animate your own artwork
  2. Dig into video game development
  3. Try the science of amusement park rides
  4. Create your own special effects
  5. Surf a sound wave

Cadette Science of Happiness Badge: Find out how scientists measure happiness and put their results into action. When you’ve earned the Science of Happiness badge, you’ll know how to use the science of happiness to make your world the happiest place it can be.

Cadette | Science of Happiness

  1. Make yourself happier
  2. Think differently for happiness
  3. Get happy through others
  4. Do a helpful happiness experiment
  5. Create a happiness action plan

Senior Science of Style Badge: Use the science of style to create and imagine your own products. When you’ve earned the Science of Style badge, you’ll know the science behind makeup, perfume, fashion fabrics, and skin care products.

Senior | Science of Style

  1. Test skin care and makeup
  2. Examine the science behind fabrics and accessories
  3. Explore the science behind hair products and perfume
  4. Investigate the sociology of style
  5. Formulate future style

Completed the steps and earned your badge? Use The Cabin Order Form to purchase badges, and we’ll ship them directly to you!