Got Cookies?

Do you love frozen Thin Mints? Crave Samoas? Or yearn for other flavors of Girl Scout Cookies? At the beginning of every year, the largest girl-led business in the world is up and running with thousands of girls in Middle Tennessee eager to sell you your favorite Girl Scout Cookies.

2013-2014 Important Cookie Program Dates

November 7 & 8 Training Dates for SU Cookie Coordinator
January 1 Order Taking Begins
February 6-7 Cookies arrive in Middle Tennessee
February 8 Booth Sales Begin
February 27-28 National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
February 9 Booth Sales Begin
March 1 Cookie Program Ends

Five Amazing Skills Your Daughter Will Learn

Goal Setting: Girls set cookie sale goals and, with their team, create a plan to reach them. Decision Making: Girls decide where and when to sell cookies, how to market their sale and what to do with their earnings. Money Management: Girls develop a budget, take cookie orders and handle customers’ money. People Skills: She will learn how to talk (and listen) to her customers, as well as learning how to work with a team. Business Ethics: She will gain the knowledge to be a well-rounded business women.

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