Which Camp is Best Fit?

Camp is calling your Girl Scout, but you’re not sure which camp is best for her. Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee has options for every girl whether she’s ready to spend a week adventuring away from home or just a day making new friends! Take this short quiz to find out which camp is the best fit for your Girl Scout.

Yes | No     Has your camper ever been away from home for more than one night without a family member?

Yes | No     Can you relax and enjoy yourself when your camper sleeps overnight away from home?

Yes | No     Can your camper care for her own basic hygiene needs such as brushing her teeth and showering?

Yes | No     Are you confident in your camper’s ability to make her own bed and keep track of her belongings?

Yes | No     Does your camper like to try new foods?

Yes | No     Is your camper comfortable in the outdoors?

Yes | No     Can your camper cope with new people, places and schedules?

Yes | No     Does your camper enjoy making new friends?

Yes | No     Can your camper cope without electronic devices for her entire stay at camp?

Yes | No     Can your camper function with nine hours of sleep?

If you answered no to more than five questions, your camper is ready to try day camp. We invite her to try day camp sessions at Camp Piedmont or one of our Summer Fun Camps across Middle Tennessee.

If you answered yes to more than five questions, your camper is ready to try resident camp. We invite her to try overnight camp sessions at Camp Holloway or Camp Sycamore Hills. She might even be ready for a full week!