2023 Annual Report

Dear Friends of Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee,

There is something incredibly special about the Girls Scouts of Middle Tennessee. When coupled with unique experiences, dedicated volunteers and an unflappable mission, our girls are equipped to make tremendous change in the world. For more than 100 years, this Council has provided a place for future leaders through friendship, community service, and education. And through your generous support, we have managed to maintain over 16,300 girl and adult members! This number alone speaks volumes to the impact being made each and every day. I am thrilled to have taken the helm of this amazing organization. As we look towards the future, we must be mindful of continuing to encourage our girls to fully recognize their own potential. Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee is the opportunity to explore and develop skills in an encouraging environment – a place where a girl can be a leader. And even more importantly, through outdoor activities, STEM, life skills training and entrepreneurship, all girls have an opportunity to explore and create their own adventure. While phenomenal work has already happened, we can’t stop now. Your support ensures that this critical mission continues. All girls deserve the opportunity to thrive and Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee is a pathway for their success. We challenge you to cultivate and expand this vision for reaching more girls and offering additional programming. Every girl should have the opportunity to become a Girl Scout. We know that we are better together and together we can change the world – one Girl Scout at a time.

Danielle Barnes
CEO and President





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Thank You

  • GSMIDTN Board of Directors

    Thank you to Our Board of Directors!

    Barb Zipperian, Board Chair
    Tera Rica Murdock, Vice Chair
    Jeremy Swartz, Vice Chair
    Caren Gabriel, Secretary
    Alfred Dowell, Treasurer
    Danielle Barnes, CEO & President
    Paulette Allen
    Karen Clark
    Terry Deas
    Kelly Goldsmith
    Laurel Graefe
    Perry Moulds
    Dee Patel
    Monica Stoica
    Tracy Rokas
    Aarika Nieto

  • Thank You Generous Donors