Since the holiday shopping season descended upon us the conversation has been quite lively around the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee break room tables. While lunches are being warmed, staff members ask the questions so many of us ponder: What do I buy for Mom? and Why is Dad the hardest person to shop for? and What do I get for my little sister?

Many gift ideas have been tossed around. Some are kept and some are discarded, but they are all discussed with the spirit of generosity in mind. And in this spirit we have a question for you.

What if we told you that that you were able to offer a gift that would make a difference in the lives of 14,000 girls in Middle Tennessee?    

Because that is exactly what your gift would do for all of the girls who enjoy the experience of being a Girl Scout!

When you give the Gift of Girl Scouting you enable girls to:

  • Scale the forty foot climbing and rappelling tower at Camp Holloway
  • Hit a bullseye with a bow and arrow
  • Camp under the stars and name the constellations
  • View a once in a lifetime total solar eclipse
  • Ride a horse named Snuffles or Cornbread at Camp Sycamore Hills
  • Work a video camera for your own TV show
  • Build a robotic alligator that can snap its jaws
  • Learn how to become an entrepreneur and design a product or business

Give the Gift of Girl Scouts!

This is just a small sample of what your gift provides. Girl Scouts experience innovative programming, love for the outdoors, and a commitment to give back to their communities. Your gift sustains the importance of this unique sisterhood. Your gift is rooted in the present, but is an investment in their future.

Please give the Gift of Girl Scouting. 14,000 Girl Scouts say thank you. And so do we.

Thank you for you generosity!