It’s Take Action Thursday!

Whether it’s researching organizations you’re passionate about, contacting an adult to ask they be your project advisor, or setting a date for a service project in your community, we challenge you to take one step toward your Take Action Project today.

Girl Scout Take Action Projects address an issue by tackling the factors that cause or contribute to it. As you may expect, these projects have a far-reaching influence. They’re designed to change something for the better forever. In the Girl Scout world, projects specifically associated with Journeys and Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards are Take Action Projects.

Ways to Take Action this Thursday

  • Write a letter of encouragement or create a video showing support to a frontline healthcare worker, a senior citizen, or anyone who could use an extra boost of support.
  • Take a walk in your neighborhood and clean up trash. Be sure to practice safety while doing this activity by wearing proper protective gear and bright reflective clothing.
  • Support a food drive in your community, or start your own.
  • Volunteer at an organization in your community. Consider local social distancing guidelines and Girl Scout guidelines on gatherings before making plans to volunteer in person.
  • Research needs and issues in your community and their root causes. Make a commitment to do a Take Action Project to tackle at least one of these issues. This is a great way to get started on a Girl Scout Highest Awards project!

Bonus: Invite a new friend to hold you accountable to try out something different in Girl Scouts! 

Making a commitment to stretch your comfort zone with a friend is a great way to expand your Girl Scout troop. Plus, we’re gearing up for Early Renewal and you are invited to bring a friend to try something new with you! Learn more at and talk to your troop leader today!