With school districts across our 39 counties closing and businesses moving to remote-work situations (to prevent the spread of COVID-19), many of our families are finding a need for activities to fill their days at home. Luckily, our Girl Scout program has plenty of ways for girls to stretch their imagination and learn something new! Over the next few days, we’ll break down a series of badges girls can earn by themselves or virtually with their troop.

Brownie Snacks Badge: Make great snacks for yourself and your friends. When you’ve earned the Snacks badge, you’ll know how to make yummy snacks for your family and friends.

  1. Find out about different types of snacks
  2. Make a savory snack
  3. Try a sweet snack
  4. Snack for energy
  5. Slurp a snack

Junior Simple Meals Badge: Make amazing meals and learn to create a whole meal of your own. When you’ve earned the Simple Meals badge, you’ll know how to serve up a meal for your family and friends.

  1. Step up your skills with a pro
  2. Whip up a great breakfast
  3. Fix a healthy lunch or dinner
  4. Create a delicious dessert
  5. Make your own meal

Cadette New Cuisines Badge: Cook up four new dishes from across time and distance, and find out where your taste buds want to travel. When you’ve earned the New Cuisines badge, you’ll be able to make amazing dishes form all over the world and way back in time.

  1. Make a dish from another country
  2. Create a dish from another region of the United States
  3. Whip up a dish from another time period
  4. Cook a dish that makes a statement
  5. Share your dishes on a culinary “tour”!

Senior Locavore Badge: Find out how the efforts of locavores – people who are committed to eating locally grown, seasonal foods – can be an important and delicious part of healthful eating. When you’ve earned the Locavore badge, you’ll know how to prepare a meal of seasonal and locally grown dishes.

  1. Explore the benefits and challenges of going local
  2. Find your local food sources
  3. Cook a simple dish showcasing local ingredients
  4. Make a recipe with local ingredients
  5. Try a local cooking challenge

Completed the steps and earned your badge? Use The Cabin Order Form to purchase badges, and we’ll ship them directly to you!