With school districts across our 39 counties closing and businesses moving to remote-work situations (to prevent the spread of COVID-19), many of our families are finding a need for activities to fill their days at home. Luckily, our Girl Scout program has plenty of ways for girls to stretch their imagination and learn something new! Over the next few days, we’ll break down a series of badges girls can earn by themselves or virtually with their troop.

Brownie Painting Badge: Learn to paint and color your world. When you’ve earned the Painting badge, you’ll have new ideas about what to paint—and how to paint it.

Brownie | Painting

  1. Get inspired
  2. Paint the real world
  3. Paint a mood
  4. Paint without brushes
  5. Paint a mural

Junior Drawing Badge: Learn techniques to make your drawings even better. When you’ve earned the Drawing badge, you’ll know some great drawing techniques.

Junior | Drawing

  1. Experiment with different materials
  2. Learn how to add shading
  3. Get some perspective
  4. Use your imagination like a graphic artist
  5. Make your masterpiece—and show it off!

Cadette Comic Artist Badge: Find out more about the world of comic art, then tell your own visual story. When you’ve earned the Comic Artist badge, you’ll know how to create your own comic.

Cadette | Comic Artist

  1. Delve into the world of comics
  2. Choose a story to tell
  3. Draw it out
  4. Frame it in four panels
  5. Add the words

Senior Collage Artist Badge: Find out about the world of textile arts. Then pick up your needles (or loom or spinning wheel) and make two projects.  When you’ve earned the Collage Artist badge, you’ll have learned the basics of a textile art—and you’ll have two fantastic projects to show for it.

Senior | Collage Artist

  1. Choose your textile art
  2. Find your tools and materials
  3. Learn the basics
  4. Make something for everyday use
  5. Create a gift or item for a special occasion

Ambassador Photographer Badge: Hone your artistic skills and find out how to use different types of cameras to present the world through your eyes. When you’ve earned the Photographer badge, you’ll know how to capture your vision of the world in photographs.

Ambassador | Photography

  1. Explore the power of photography
  2. Focus on composition–shoot five landscapes
  3. Focus on light—shoot five portraits or still lifes
  4. Focus on motion—shoot five action shots
  5. Tell a story with photography

Completed the steps and earned your badge? Use The Cabin Order Form to purchase badges, and we’ll ship them directly to you!