Between school, sports, and jobs, girls are often pulled in many different directions. Girl Scouts can often become less of a priority as girls become older, and it is often hard to make it to the meetings or reach requirements for badges, journeys, and highest awards.

But Girl Scouts gives girls a place to just be themselves and helps provide a strong support system as a girl grows from a Daisy to an Ambassador. The all-girl environment provides a comfortable space where they can grow and challenge themselves without judgment from others. It is here they can try new things and figure out who they are.

Girl-led means girls have an opinion on what they are doing and what they want to do. This starts at a young age and continues as they grow. Girls decide how their cookie money is used, how they want to help their community, and even how their meetings will be organized.

When a girl works toward a badge, journey, or highest award, it gives her a sense of accomplishment. It allows her to set a goal and complete it. Highest award projects allow girls to tackle an issue of concern and make a difference in their community. Earning the Girl Scout Gold Award allows girls to earn scholarships for school or, if joining the military, enlist at a higher pay grade.

Girl Scouts gives girls the opportunity to explore many different opportunities. Does she want to learn more about sports? Check! We work with many different organizations, such as the Titans, Nashville Soccer Club, and other local universities to give a behind-the-scenes look at sports. Does she enjoy performing? Done! Check out one of the many events with our partner Nashville Children’s Theatre. Does she enjoy the outdoors? We’ve got that too! With three different camp properties and over 800 acres, not to mention the more than 40 horses that live at Camp Sycamore Hills, there is plenty for her to explore.

Girl Scouts gives girls a foundation they can use later in life. From being a teacher to running for congress, there is nothing a Girl Scout can’t do.

Take a look at all the great things Girl Scouts in Middle Tennessee can do!