Girl Scouts provides a safe, inclusive environment where girls are free to be themselves and explore their potential.

Meet Stephanie Owens, a country music singer here in Nashville. Stephanie is devoted to using her music as a platform to share her story and inspire others. She is committed to promoting a positive body image amid today’s pop culture.

Stephanie recently had the chance to visit Camp Holloway’s Summer Song Studio, perform a few of her songs for the girls and chat with them about her journey!

Unleashing Your Inner Confidence: A Note from Stephanie
Stephanie stopped by Camp Holloway’s Summer Song Studio to perform a few of her songs and chat with campers about her story.
Stephanie’s story:

If there were no obstacles to chasing your wildest dreams, what would you pursue? What is your true passion? I always knew I wanted to be a singer. From a young age, I used to run around the house using a turkey baster as my microphone. Whenever there was an opportunity to perform, I embraced it wholeheartedly because I was confident that I could one day turn my dreams into reality.

By the age of eleven, though, something had changed. The carefree version of myself was gone, and I began letting the world’s ideas about success and beauty define me. I thought I had to be “perfect” in every way if I was going to make it in the entertainment industry. After struggling for several years with body image and my identity, I slowly started to understand that I would never find true satisfaction in my career achievements, my external appearance, or what others think about me. My personal walk of faith in the Lord helped me learn where to place my worth, and I once again found my inner confidence.

Shortly after graduating college, I moved to Nashville to pursue a career as a country music artist. Now, after four years of honing my skills as a singer and songwriter, I just released my debut EP and music video. One of my songs, “Little Girl in the Mirror,” reflects on my story of body image struggles. It is my passion to use music as a platform to inspire girls and women. I love how Girl Scouts also has a mission to create an environment where girls feel free to be themselves!

Girls, you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Your inner qualities – your personality, character, natural talents, and passions – are incredibly special! I want to encourage you to unleash your inner confidence by always staying true to the real you. There will only ever be one of you in this world, and you have been given unique gifts and abilities that can be used to encourage others. That reality, my friends, is forever worth celebrating!

Unleashing Your Inner Confidence: A Note from Stephanie

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