For the past few days we’ve been celebrating National Girl Scout Week and Girl Scouts’ 106th Birthday! Today, Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee’s Historian Cindy joins us for Throwback Thursday.

Girl Scout Week: Throwback Thursday 2018

What would you think if I told you that our Nashville Girl Scout office has a treasure trove of rare and valuable things? It’s true! Some of these things are safely stored away in our archives, but many are on display in our museum located in the Cabin at the Nashville Service Center.

If you are a true treasure hunter, you might be surprised at what you could find in our museum… maybe a Golden Eaglet award or a pair of leather Girl Scout boots. Did you know that Girl Scouts once had “official” shoes? They even made sneakers and slippers – and more lately, flip-flops! Girl Scouts had official hats too. You could be dressed in Girl Scout gear from head to toe!

How about looking for a passport to adventure or a photo from the past? Girl Scouts have lots of things to look at and learn from! Some things are small – like a badge, pin or piece of jewelry. Others may be large – like a painting, sign or poster. Big or small, they have secrets and stories to share.

Girl Scout trinkets and treasures can tell us about our history. Old uniforms show us how girls dressed years ago. Handbooks tell us what kinds of things girls found interesting or important. Even toys can tell us something – and you just might find a Girl Scout doll, game or teddy bear in our museum!

So come pay us a visit – you can take a look in the museum anytime the Cabin is open. Try to find the items on our scavenger hunt – just ask for a copy of the Treasure Hunt at the register. Troops can even request a special guided tour for free! (Please plan well in advance as dates fill up fast.) Some displays stay for a while, others may come and go. Be sure to check out our Happy Birthday Girl Scouts display for the month of March, featuring some tasty Girl Scout treats and treasures!

Download GSMIDTN Museum Scavenger Hunt