Smart Kids: Polite Kids

Be the best you can be by participating in this program that teaches everything you need to know about etiquette and the perks of being polite. Participants receive a workbook, course patch, and certificate. This program is non-refundableContinue Reading

Program Aide Core

Hey Cadettes! Did you enjoy earning your Leadership in Action Award? Want to learn more skills to help younger Girl Scouts? We know that you’re fully capable of helping out in a troop, service unit, or council sponsored program. Build your leadership skills in this first step towardsContinue Reading

Smart Kids: Safe Kids

Your Girl Scouts think they’re old enough to stay home alone, but are they? Safe Kids 101 will teach girls how to take that next step to independence while giving parents peace of mind. Topics include: responsibilities while staying home alone, simple first aid, how to navigate theContinue Reading

Hurray for Hiking

When the trees call to you, you must go! But do you know everything there is to know about hiking? Join us at Cedars of Lebanon State Park for hiking, crafts and learning how to make the most out of any outdoor hiking adventure! Girl Scout Fee: $15Continue Reading