Cadette Journey Weekend: AMAZE!

On this Journey, Cadettes will learn and explore creating positive healthy relationships at home, at school, and in every day life. We will work through conflict resolution, smashing stereotypes, creating peace through positive leadership, and what it really means to be a sister to every Girl Scout! ComeContinue Reading

Junior Journey Weekend: Agent of Change

Juniors can change the world! Learn about the power you hold as a Girl Scout in everyday life as you work with a team to discover it. This weekend is planned around the It’s Your World – Change It! Journey and emphasizes confidence, teamwork and cooperation as girlsContinue Reading

Senior Journey Weekend – GirlTopia

Be a visionary as you create a GIRLtopia for girls worlwide through the use of art. Then put that vision to the test as you share it with the world around you. Some pre and post work is required to complete awards including your Take Action project. ThisContinue Reading

Brownie Journey Day

On this Journey, Brownies learn about girls around the world and how stories can give them ideas for helping others, whether in their own communities or in other countries.You will earn parts of the It’s Your Story – Tell It Journey through, games, songs, murals, and more! PleaseContinue Reading

Daisy Journey Day

Work toward most of the Daisy It’s Your Story-Tell It! Journey.  Spend the day learning how to care for animals and how this is similar to taking care of yourself. Connect with local organizations, earn the Birdbath award and work towards the Red Robin award. Please bring yourContinue Reading