Vaqueras Training

Spread the joy of horseback riding with others. Vaqueras are trained to prepare horses and assist participants in the various horse programs offered at Camp Sycamore Hills. Vaqueras will also participate in a fun Equestrian activity for their time at the barn. Most of the time this isContinue Reading

How to Build a Unicorn

History is full of stories about mythical horses. Star in your own fantastic tale as you create your own unicorn horn, learn to shoot arrows like a centaur, and ride the hornless unicorns! The Fun patch is included when you participant in this program! Bring your lunch andContinue Reading

Winter Ring Ride

Join Camp Sycamore Hills Equestrian Team for a Winter Ring Ride! Enjoy a cup of hot Chocolate after your ride! Please read over our physical restrictions. Contact: Ashley Gary- Session Times Available 10:00am-11:30am 1:00pm-2:30pm 2:00pm-3:30pm Girl Fee: $20.00—Adult Fee: $0.00 (Adults are not allowed to ride duringContinue Reading

Ponies and Pals

Check out our Ponies and Pals event! Each, participant brings mom, dad, or an adult friend to spend time with the horses at Camp Sycamore Hills. Groom ponies and try a leadline ride with your favorite adult leading your horse in the arena. Be sure to register forContinue Reading

Pixies of Sycamore

Travel to the world of pixies for an adventure of a lifetime! Create your own pixie wings, learn to dance with a Pegasus, go creek stomping for mermaid treasure and compete in a pirate obstacle course! Bring your own snack and join us for an adventure of aContinue Reading