Virtual Badge Blast – Financial Literacy

What are your plans for the future and how do you plan on paying for them? Are you a budding entrepreneur? Or perhaps you just want to have a solid financial plan for the future. Join our very own Manager of Council Programs, Alice, as she helps youContinue Reading

Online Badges – The Girl Scout Way

Girl Scouts has a long and wonderful history, but how much of it do you know? In this badge you will learn about Girl Scout traditions and share activities and spirit that are a century strong. When you’re done, you can do your part and use Girl ScoutContinue Reading

Virtual Badge Blast – Naturalist

DO you love nature, but always want to learn more? The great outdoors has so much to offer and knowledge is the key to exploring! Join one of our Council Program Specialists, Elizabeth, as she helps you dive into the complex beauty and diversity of the natural worldContinue Reading

Online Badges – Art in the Outdoors

Look at the beauty of the outdoors, do you see it as just plants and rocks and sky? Or do you see an art project just waiting to happen? Discover the art of nature and how you can use your creativity to be a part of it. ClickContinue Reading

Virtual Badge Blast – Cooking

Who doesn’t like good food? Do you know your way around a kitchen or how to prepare your favorite meal! Join one of our Council Program Specialists, Elizabeth, as she helps you discover your inner chef! We will start live on the GSMIDTN Facebook page with an introductionContinue Reading