Prepare yourself with the skills needed to be a success!

Girl Scout adult trainings provides leadership teams and other adult volunteers the knowledge and skills necessary for working with girls of all age levels. The courses are designed to enrich both girl and adult experiences.

Online Trainings

Girl Scouting 101 is a 45 minute, self-paced online orientation to Girl Scouting.

Complete Girl Scouting 101

Youth Protection is a required training for any volunteer, parent, or staff member that works regularly with girls. Some of the topics include how to recognize signs of child abuse and neglect, information on prevention, and steps to report suspected abuse.

Complete Youth Protection

Camping Skills 1 and 2

Camping Skills 1 and 2 are now available for you to register on CouncilAlignMENT to prepare you for camping with your troop.

Camping Skills 1 prepares you to take your troop for a day in the outdoors or an overnight in a building with a fully equipped kitchen, stove, refrigerator, electricity, and running water. 

Camping Skills 2 (designed to be taken after completing Camping Skills 1) prepares you for camping in cabins without kitchens, screened cabins, platform tents, or designated tent camping sites with bathroom facilities, water, and a pavilion.

Note: Both Camping Skills 1 and 2 are designed to be taken after completing three online trainings – Camp Information and Procedures, Camp Ready, and Camp Prep. If you have already taken Outdoor Skills, you do not need to take these trainings.