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Membership – Lauren • Troop 1101

Girl Scouts is a retreat for my daughter and me. Through Girl Scouts, we have been able to spend quality time together in a setting that fosters courage, confidence, and character – the same values I carry with me today from my time in Girl Scouts. I am now her troop leader, and it has been the greatest honor to lead these amazing girls.

I am so grateful Girl Scouts has allowed me to get to know my daughter and see how resilient she is. I am honored to be part of facilitating an environment that will inspire them to be the leaders and world changers I know they are. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, and leaders!

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Uniforms – Ella • Troop 2314

Once I put on my new uniform I couldn’t stop smiling. I was ready to start filling it up with new badges by going to new places, experiencing exciting opportunities, and gaining skills to last a lifetime. It takes a lot of hard work to earn badges, but when it’s time to add a new one to the back of my sash, I know my hard work and dedication has paid off. Once I cross one badge off my list, I start working on the next one. I’m working to fill the back of my sash up with badges as fast as I can!

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Programs – Zoe • Troop 1440

I’ve been in Girl Scouts since I was a Daisy, and by far one of my favorite things I’ve done in Girl Scouts is the GirlU College Road Trip. This is a road trip you take with other girls, visiting different universities and even sleeping on campus in college dorms! The best part is I ended up finding my dream college on this trip.

It had everything I was looking for, and I decided Berea College is my first choice school. I’ve learned more about college with Girl Scouts than I learned from school, and I credit Girl Scouts for making it so easy to decide where I hope to end up. Most of all they helped me find my dream school.

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Camp – Reagan • Troop 2249

I don’t recall much from my early years of camp other than how it made me feel. When I was younger, I lacked confidence and was very insecure; but when I would go to camp, it felt as though this weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Although I was still insecure, I felt a change – I felt happier. The counselors were always looking out for me. The fresh air and the feeling of being free and out in the open instead of being stuck at home was probably the thing that attracted me the most. I felt, and still feel, safe at camp, both mentally and physically.

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