Today we welcome Zoe from Troop 1440 to share how a Girl Scout program impacted her college decision.

I’ve been in Girl Scouts since I was a Daisy, and by far one of my favorite things I’ve done in Girl Scouts is the GirlU College Road Trip. This is a road trip you take with other girls, visiting different universities and even sleeping on campus in college dorms! We saw what it’s like living on campus and, more importantly, how the food is at different schools. The best part is I ended up finding my dream college on this trip.

It was my second year going on the tour, and we were on our fourth school, Berea College in Kentucky. The first thing that caught my eye was how pretty it was out there. Berea is surrounded by mountains, and the view was so beautiful on the drive up that I was constantly looking outside. Everyone we talked to shared their experiences with Berea, which only made me fall for the school more. The whole school was lively with constant events planned year-round, and everything I read online seemed too good to be true.

After the trip, I told my mom about Berea and asked if we could go back for another visit to look around the city. It had everything I was looking for, and I decided Berea College is my first choice school. I’ve learned more about college with Girl Scouts than I learned from school, and I credit Girl Scouts for making it so easy to decide where I hope to end up. They helped me figure out what colleges would work for me. They also helped explain the most complicated parts of applying for college and simplified the process down. Most of all they helped me find my dream school.

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