Today we celebrate our 110th year of Girl Scouting!

Ways to Celebrate the 110th Birthday of Girl Scouts

  • Bake a birthday cake for Girl Scouts.
  • Lead your family or troop in singing happy birthday to Girl Scouts!
  • Make a Girl Scout paper doll.
  • Write a letter of thanks to someone who has supported your Girl Scout experience!
  • Wear your Girl Scout uniform out in the community.

Ways to Honor the Girl Scout Sabbath

  • In Judaism, the Sabbath (or Shabbat in Hebrew) is a holy day of the week beginning at sundown on Friday and ending Saturday. Attend a Girl Scout Sabbath service at your place of worship or another in your community. Don’t know where to find one? Ask your Service Unit Chair, or encourage your faith community to host one!
  • Earn the My Promise, My Faith Pin by exploring faith and connecting with your religious community and members. Every level can earn this pin once a year.
  • Turn the day into a service project – collecting food, clothing, or other items of need for the community and donating the supplies to a local organization.

Bonus: Invite a friend to join Girl Scouts to find a place of their own! 

It’s so easy to jump into another year of Girl Scouts and add a friend to your troop too! We’re gearing up for Early Renewal and everyone is invited to bring a friend. Learn more at and talk to your troop leader today!