March 8-14 is National Girl Scout Week, and we are kicking it off with Girl Scout Sunday today! To celebrate, we’ve asked Girl Scout Senior Hailey to reflect on what the Girl Scout Law means to her.

On my honor…

To me, the Girl Scout Promise and Law are guidelines on how to better my community and the world, as well as my own life. Serving my country means bringing new ideas to the table to shape a better future. Helping people at all times means advocating for those without a voice. Considerate and caring means treating people like people no matter who they are and making sure everyone feels welcome in my community. Courageous and strong means teaching others to stand up for their beliefs and make a difference in their lives. Respecting myself and others means fighting for what I believe but listening to other opinions. Using resources wisely means saving our planet from ourselves. Being a sister to every Girl Scout means standing together with other women while we fight for representation of all people in all aspects of life and fight against the oppression of people everywhere.

To me, these words mean this and so much more. But for everyone, these words are ones to live by. As Girl Scouts, this is our promise to make a positive impact on the world around us.

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