Today is National Day of the Horse! We’re sending extra love to our equine family at Camp Sycamore Hills, home sweet home to over 40 horses. They love when Girl Scouts come out to the barn, whether first-time visitors or trained riders.

It was recently time for one beloved horse to leave Sycamore Hills, so he can enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Elvis has left the building! This rockstar, known for his amazing personality and short tail, was a dear friend to thousands of Girl Scouts for 10 years. He’s now living out a peaceful retirement with one of our equestrian facilitators. A perfect match!

We will miss Elvis, but we are so happy he has a perfect new field to call home. Our equestrian team wrote this poem as a tribute.


Thank you for your many years of service,

Of bringing smiles to those both great and small.

Thousands of first rides, first trails, first trots,

Gentle with everyone, though super tall.


You were not as slow as some claimed you were,

It just took them learning your language and spirit.

Eventually becoming the one they preferred,

They sang your praises for all to hear it.


You have always been Mr. Reliable,

With a large personality and hairdo to match it.

Qualities making you irreplaceable

And deserving of the very best snuggles and scratches.


With retirement around the bend

And us having a happy cry,

Just remember our dear, sweet friend,

This is goodnight and not goodbye!