Early Bird Renewal is now open on CouncilAlignMENT!

What is Early Bird Renewal?
Early Bird Renewal gives returning Girl Scout troops the opportunity to renew their commitment to the Girl Scout movement. All Girl Scout memberships must be renewed for the new Girl Scout year: October 1, 2022 – September 30, 2023.

National membership dues are $25 per member and these fees go directly to GSUSA. However, registration will only cost $15 for girls and adults who register by June 6, 2022. During that time, Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee will subsidize $10 per member.

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Step 1: Communicate with your troop!

  • Confirm all adult members are returning
  • Confirm with families that Girl Scouts are returning
  • Review the troop bank account balance and/or set a date for the collection of fees
  • Consult your 2022 Troop Roster on CouncilAlignMENT to ensure all girl and adult members are listed 
    • This is the list that you will be able to re-register. If there are Girl Scouts that have been regularly attending your meetings, they will need to register for 2022 before they can re-register for 2023. An active 2022 registration must be in CouncilAlignMENT in order to participate in Girl Scout activities before the 2023 membership year starts on October 1, 2022.
  • Verify all adult volunteers have completed Youth Protection Training & have an up to date background check

Step 2: Visit gsmidtn.org/CouncilAlignMENT

  • Log in with your username and password
  • Navigate to the “Home” tab on CouncilAlignMENT 
  • Click on the “Troop #### Management (2022)” box in the bottom left-hand corner
  • Then, click on “Troop Member Roster (Re-Register Option)”
  • Utilize the checkbox function to select current youth and adult members who plan to re-register
  • At this point, you may add any Gift to Girl donations next to the individual making the donation. Leaders should enter all donations and click “Add Donation” before checking any of the red Xs.
  • Click each red X to add all memberships and Gift to Girls donations to your total payment. Use your troop debit card to pay for membership fees and Gift to Girl donations. All items that do not have a green checkmark will remain in your Troop Shopping Cart until selected.
  • Submit online registration by June 6, 2022.

Step 3: Check-in with your Regional Executive

  • Complete end-of-the-year finance reports for your troop(s) and submit
  • Confirm banking details are up-to-date and have the correct signers listed for Girl Scout Year 2023

Step 4: Celebrate another year of Girl Scouting!

  • Throw a celebratory troop meeting or party to mark the end of this year
  • Hold a Bridging Ceremony for any girls bridging up to a new level
  • Host a Rededication Ceremony for girls planning to return another year

Renew your membership to receive our Early Bird Renewal incentives!



  • Troop Leadership Change

    If your troop is changing leadership next year, please contact your Regional Executive. We want to work with you and the new leaders to make the transition a smooth one.

  • Troop Disbanding

    If your troop plans to disband next year or you are unsure about continuing, please let us know. Our Membership team would love to talk with you about options for the troop, opportunities for individual girls who wish to continue in Girl Scouts, and alternative membership pathways. Please contact your Regional Executive.


Helpful Reminders

  • Financial assistance is available. Please contact your Regional Executive for further instructions.
  • Any Girl Scout who donates $5 or more to our Gift to Girls program will receive a patch.
  • We have a NEW CouncilAlignMENT app to keep Girl Scout business at your fingertips. To learn more, visit gsmidtn.org/app.

Renew your membership to receive our Early Bird Renewal incentives!