The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn.

It gives girls the chance to show that they are leaders who are organized, determined, and dedicated to improving their community. Earning this award puts a Girl Scout among an exceptional group of girls who have used their knowledge and leadership skills to make a difference in the world.

Olivia Edwards, Emma Krause, and Eboni Miller
Title of Project: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Troop Leader: Misti Edwards

After hiking in a local park, Troop 7 noticed an excessive amount of trash on the trails and along the shoreline. For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Olivia, Emma, and Eboni worked to educate their community on the importance of recycling, composting, and curbside recycling to make earth a cleaner place. Girls made posters and distributed flyers on which items could be composted and recycled and created hands on activities to help them achieve their goal.

Victoria Blalock
Title of Project: Saving the Bees
Troop Leader: Davette Blalock

To help the dying bee population, Victoria learned about the causes and educated her community. Victoria also built a bee box and shared her research with children at a daycare. Victoria created an educational PowerPoint that will be used by The Beekeepers Association to educate those interested in learning about bees.

Madison Stewart
Title of Project: Preschool Musical Boxes
Troop Leader: Jennie Langely

For her Silver Award Take Action Project, Madison made preschool musical boxes to introduce the children to music at a young age. In the boxes, Madison included sample crafts, songs, laminated instructions, and musical discs. To ensure the boxes would have a lasting impact, Madison made the boxes to be stored easily and included multiple games that could be rotated in and out.

Abigail Brandrup and Callie Kinslow
Title of Project: Care Bags for Cancer Patients
Troop Leader: Pam Kinslow

After observing that many people affected by cancer have to spend all day in a treatment facility, Abigail and Callie worked to show those patients that they were in their thoughts. Abigail and Callie addressed this by creating “Care Bags” for the patients which included necessities such as snacks, gums, lotion, tissues, hand sanitizer, and puzzle books. To keep the project going, a younger troop and the girls’ service unit agreed to collect items every October for Cancer Awareness Month and distribute them to local hospitals.

Charity Harness
Title of Project: Soothie Packs
Troop Leader: Colleen Powers

Charity decided she wanted to help sick children heal and she presented her idea and plan to Vanderbilt Home Care, after approval Charity moved forward with her Soothie Pack idea. A Soothie Packs is a bag filled with items designed to help the children feel better which includes items such as cool packs, character band aids, and a stress ball squishy toys. Charity then organized a sewing event to reach her goal of 100 and Vanderbilt Home Care will continue to stock the bags as needed.

Carissa Adams and Savannah Williams
Title of Project: Bandroom Shelves and Makeover
Troop Leader: Sharen Bracy

After observing the clutter in the music room closet, Carissa and Savannah decided to take action. The girls built and labeled shelves to make it easier to find music pieces for the band to play. To ensure the closet stayed organized and the index up to date, the teacher will pick a student to put the music away. The girls shared a video of their project on YouTube to ensure their project extended beyond their immediate community.

Ainsley Hall
Title of Project: Spoonful of Knowledge
Troop Leader: Emily Tate

For her Silver Award Take Action Project, Ainsley decided to make story spoons using a kindergarten curriculum to help children visualize the characters in the stories they are reading. Ainsley hopes her story spoons will help the characters come alive and build self-confidence. To ensure her project will be continued after she is no longer involved, Ainsley created a how to guide that has been presented to various kindergarten teachers and their students.

Hailey Rissler
Title of Project: Nobody Gets Hurt!
Troop Leader: Emily Tate

After observing the lack of first aid in schools, Hailey took action by planning and holding Safety, First Aid, and Injury Care workshops. She made workbooks with information packets and worksheets, and created programming that allowed for the earning of the First Aid Badge/Safety Award for each age level. Copies were distributed to her service unit to be checked out by leaders and flyers about the program were sent to leaders in 23 counties.

Alison Collings, Mersadies Fountain, and Hannah Garner
Title of Project: Happy Uplifting Group (HUG)
Troop Leader: Mary Collins

Alison, Mersadies, and Hannah wanted to focus on the stigma surrounding mental health for their Silver Award Take Action Project. They achieved this goal by launching a social media campaign and group meetings with a panel discussion that was open to the public. To ensure the project is continued after they are no longer involved, the girls created an “onboarding” packet for groups interested in continuing the project.

Zoe Gibson and Lyterra Vaughn
Title of Project: Student Safe Place
Troop Leader: Pamela Vaughn

Zoe and Lyterra took action to keep students safe while waiting for their parent or guardian to pick them up. They built benches and created a “Student Safe Place” out of the way of oncoming vehicles. Girls then spread the word about their project and created a hand out that was distributed to the bus drivers to inform them about their goal of keeping students safe.

Elanor Layman
Title of Project: Community Club Youth Center
Troop Leader: Jessica Layman

The community club in Elanor’s neighborhood is open to all and free to attend. They cover topics such as information on area development, safety, elections, and more. Elanor took action after noticing that a lack of space for youth was affecting the youth attendance. After meeting with the Board of Directors, Elanor collected books, movies, art supplies, and board games and organized the down stairs area into a space that can be utilized by the youth to relax and play.

Caitlyn Auberson and Kathleen Marie Smart
Title of Project: Outdoor Stations of the Cross
Troop Leader: Mary McClanahan

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Caitlyn and Kathleen built an outdoor Stations of the Cross at their church. This outdoor Stations of the Cross is open to all members of their community. They built the Stations after observing that when the church is locked or hosting an event, people cannot attend or walk through Stations of the Cross to pray and meditate. The girls also built a small meditation garden at the end of the Stations so people can pray and enjoy peace. The girls used pressure treated lumber for the stations and the cross, weatherproof stations plaques and planted perennial plants that will come back each year.

Audrey Flatt and Kari Belle King
Title of Project: Exploring New Heights
Troop Leader: Melissa Flatt

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Audrey and Kari Belle researched, designed, and built Pikler Climbing Frames for infants and toddlers. Pikler Climbing Frames are based on the idea of allowing the child to move freely and develop at his or her own pace. To ensure others could recreate their project, the girls developed both a hard and soft copy instructional page.

Emilee Cooper and Braelyn Johnson
Title of Project: Benches for Teachers
Troop Leader: Jackie Johnson

After observing that the teachers at their school didn’t have a place to sit while children were playing on the playground, Emilee and Braelyn decided to take action. They constructed two benches, planted trees, shrubs, and mulched the area. The girls made a website explaining the impact of their project and spread the word through Facebook and the school website.

Samantha Myers
Title of Project: Today’s Readers Tomorrow’s Leaders
Troop Leader: Kimberly Wilder

To encourage people to read at a young age, Samantha decided to build a library for a daycare. In addition to the library, Samantha implemented a link readers could follow where they can share their thoughts and ideas for each book, including craft ideas as well as thoughts on the books themselves. The daycare has pledged to do the required maintenance on the library, and word about the library was spread through the use of flyers, social media, and posters.

Grace Dalenberg and Sophie Vergne
Title of Project: Bridging the Gap: Helping Seniors and Teens Connect
Troop Leader: Rayna McCullough

In an effort to bridge the gap between teens and seniors with dementia and alzheimer’s, Grace and Sophie worked with the Activities Director of a senior living facility to setup a scheduled activities model. This model was shared through presentations and pamphlets, along with information about dementia to inspire more people to spend time with the elderly.

Kaitlyn Goode and Annie Humphrey
Title of Project: Get Moving!
Troop Leader: Tina Schlosser

After learning about and observing the childhood obesity crisis that is happening on a national level, Kaitlyn and Annie built an obstacle course at a local elementary school. The course includes five enjoyable obstacles and encourages movement at a young age. Parents were sent an email alerting of the new addition to the playground, Kaitlyn and Annie provided a pamphlet to all the teachers, and the Parent Teacher Organization will sustain the project.

Sarah Daniels, Jayla Shivers, and Camille Williams
Title of Project: The Little Library
Troop Leader: Maria Smith

Sarah, Jayla, and Camille addressed the issue that many children in lower income areas who do not have access to a library, are behind in their reading. The girls refurbished an old bookcase to be placed it in an easily accessible area and they made washable puppets to go with three of the books. Sarah, Jayla and Camille made a flyer for the community to educate them on a “word gap,” how they hoped to help this problem, and how others can help as well. With the help of a local non-profit the library will stay well stocked and taken care of.

Kelsi Kirby, Erin Sullivan, and Kenlee Thompson
Title of Project: The Importance of Theatre
Troop Leader: Cyndi Sullivan

Kelsi, Erin, and Kenlee worked to show their town the importance of theatre, through theatre! They decided to put on a play about friendship and why theatre is important. The girls distributed flyers, shared resources and spread their message throughout the community with a YouTube video, which help inspire a group of students to start a drama club.

Ava Foley, Annalise Knostman, and Ava Penn
Title of Project: Visual Impairment Support and Info of Nashville
Troop Leader: Eva Daneker

Inspired by a troop member who was recently diagnosed with low vision, girls from Troop 859 researched and worked to create a list of resources and organizations that could provide support to those in need. In conjunction with their resource list, the girls handed out brochures, created a website, spoke to younger Girl Scouts, and utilized a social media campaign to continue to spread information.

Audrey Aulino, Mya Foley, Rileigh Gifford, and Evee Knostman
Title of Project: Games for Girls
Troop Leader: Molly Knostman

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, girls from Troop 589 built shelving units to serve as a games cabinet for a girls’ children home and hosted a donation drive to fill it with games. Through their efforts they hoped to address distress in families and help the girls learn social skills while having fun. Each girl designed and constructed a basket to hold the games and keep the shelves organized and they also created a game catalogue with descriptions of the games.

Olivia Bratcher, Katelin Flemmons, and Jewel Molina
Title of Project: Tug-of-Love
Troop Leader: Aimee Molina

Olivia, Katelin, and Jewel worked to create 616 fleece dog toys by hand and donated them to Proverbs 12:10 to be given to new families on the day they adopt their new dog. The girls filmed a DIY video and hosted workshops to teach others how to make the toys. The girls also started a social media campaign where they shared their video and photos of the project.

Leila Raymer and Brylee Sanford
Title of Project: BElieve THEre is GOOD in the world (BE THE GOOD)
Troop Leader: Holly Raymer and April Sanford

Leila and Brylee wanted to find a way to provide school supplies, hygiene items and snacks to students in need who may not otherwise have easy access. The girls made sure the project will continue through help from the Beta Club which will sustain the project by stocking supplies throughout the school year as part of their service hours. The girls shared their project using the schools weekly newsletter and handed out flyers to students during the open house and used social media to help spread word about their project.

Alissa Glass
Title of Project: Gaga Pit
Troop Leader: Charity Glass

To provide a free space for teens to hang out, Alissa made a Gaga Pit for her community. The Gaga Pit is handicap accessible and community members were taught how to play at a grand opening game day. Information was distributed so others could build their own Gaga Pits and flyers were made so people could learn how to play.

Sydney Manning and Abigail Parker-Repsher
Title of Project: Outdoor Explorers Class
Troop Leader: Dana Manning

Sydney and Abigail chose to address the lack of understanding of the impact of hunting and fishing has on the environment. They hosted an event and invited girls from their area, where they taught them about the positive environmental impact through games, snacks, a demonstration, and interactive posters. The girls ensured sustainability through the creation of a curriculum for those interested in hosting a similar event.

Stephanie Posey
Title of Project: Kitten Kare Packages
Troop Leader: Sandra Glewwe

Stephanie’s Silver Award Take Action Project made an effort to provide people with guidance and advice about adopting a new cat. She made pamphlets that were handed out with cat toys and a food sample to families adopting a cat. The shelter will continue printing the pamphlets and handing them out to new cat owners.

Megan Glewwe, Chloe McGee, and Laura Joy Zimmerman
Title of Project: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Troop Leader: Sandra Glewwe

To make the benefits of gardening accessible to residents at a local assisted living home, girls from Troop 1430 planted a garden. To ensure sustainability, they arranged for a master gardener to teach classes quarterly on upkeep of the garden. In the garden, the girls built benches and worked with the residents to decorate them.

Ella Atwood, Maggie Bean, and Kelly Ann Ozier
Title of Project: Book Shelf for Word Wagon
Troop Leader: Stephanie Brownfield

To assist local nonprofits in their mission to distribute books to children, Ella, Maggie, and Kelly built a light and foldable bookcase that could be easily transported from location to location. Girls then put together a slideshow on how to build the bookcase, so their project can be recreated and a brochure containing tips to help parents access more books and promote a love of reading. Girls then hosted a “Swap, Drop, and Read” event for their neighborhood and were able to collect over 100 books for donation.

Logan Brownfield, Emma Murphy, and Norah Weaver
Title of Project: Community Kids Silver Award
Troop Leader: Stephanie Brownfield

After observing that children in the community did not have many options for volunteer work, Logan, Emma, and Norah partnered with an organization that helped to provide these opportunities. They decided to build a donation box and hold a donation drive to collect items; they then held an event that allowed children to assemble care bags for the homeless, providing the children with an opportunity to volunteer their time. The girls created a slideshow presentation educating others on how to build a sustainable donation box.

Aryn Asch, Callie Beard, Savannah Gurley, and MacKenzie Proctor-Bjorgo
Title of Project: Make New Friends “Young and Old”
Troop Leader: Karen Feamster

To address loneliness and loss of hope that often occurs in long term care facilities, girls from Troop 1700 planned and hosted a series of parties. They then recruited other Girl Scout troops to assist with and continue hosting the parties. The project will be continued through the fostering of new relationships with younger troops, providing volunteer opportunities and bridging the gap.

Brianna Bounds, Lily Dumler, Natalie Pool, and Cassie Scherer
Title of Project: Police Department Makeover Featuring Middle School Artwork
Troop Leader: Jennifer Bounds

Brianna, Lilly, Natalie, and Cassie connected the local community to the police department through the installation of an art wall that will feature art from local students. Through a partnership with the local middle school, they have agreed to host a contest each month to see which art work will be displayed. In addition to the art wall, the girls hosted a community event and invited the town to tour the police department.

Alycia Bailey and Avery Brawders
Title of Project: Success Starts Here: Hygiene Kits for Everyone
Troop Leader: Cheri Kaufman

To address hygiene habits in their community, Alycia and Avery set up a hygiene product donation drive. They wanted to ensure people were able to remain healthy and confident in themselves. They hosted a kick off event and spread information within the community that there is a constant need and the Well of Spring Hill has now added this option to their everyday mission.

Kenley Coleman, MaKaylyn Coleman, and Christa Rand
Title of Project: Making School a Better Place
Troop Leader: Tracy Coleman

To combat bullying in schools, girls from Troop 1958 held a bullying seminar. During the seminar skits were presented and various topics on bullying were discussed including what bullying looks like and how it makes you feel. The girls then painted the restrooms at their school with inspirational quotes and pictures. They then took pictures and made postcards that were sent to other schools so they could recreate the project.

Emily Bednar, Ella Miller, and Penelope Pennington
Title of Project: Dangers of Teen Vaping
Troop Leader: Julie Bednar

For their “Dangers of Teen Vaping” Silver Award Take Action Project, girls from Troop 1981 targeted a teen audience. They researched online advertisements that targeted young consumers and interviewed DARE officers and a respiratory therapist for their research. The girls then worked to create an educational video for schools to use to teach teens about the dangers of teen vaping, along with handouts and brochures.

Ashlyn Davidson, Ellie Tackett, and Mira Wadhawan
Title of Project: Dangers of Vaping 101
Troop Leader: Julie Bednar

For their “Dangers of Teen Vaping 101” Silver Award Take Action Project, girls from Troop 1981 targeted parents and guardians to educate and provide information that would be beneficial to keep kids from starting to use vape products. This educational campaign included outlining the various types of electronic cigarettes and vaping tools to illustrate what they should look for, information on how teens were being targeted and interviews with DARE officers and a respiratory therapist for insight. The campaign included an educational video, brochures and handouts for schools to use to teach parents and adults the dangers of teen vaping.

Alice Beattie and Brooke Spain
Title of Project: Beautification of the Nolensville Park
Troop Leader: Christy Beattie

In an effort to beautify Nolensville Park, Brooke and Alice decided to take action by researching and planting shrubs and trees. The trees will prevent erosion, provide habitats for animals, shade the creek, and make the park enjoyable for everyone. Their next steps were to educate others through hosting a Tree Badge, Badge Blast for other Girl Scouts and creating an Arbor Day craft for the Nolensville Library.

Samantha Richardson
Title of Project: Southern Middle Tennessee Classical Conversations Science Fair
Troop Leader: Joni Richardson

For her Silver Award Take Action Project, Samantha addresses the issue of the lack of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) activities for homeschoolers. She addressed this issue by hosting her own homeschool science fair that allowed students in the Classical Conversations program to participate and receive feedback from qualified judges. In order to inform others about her project, Samantha reached out to Challenge A directors and classes to encourage them to participate and she created a guide so the project could be continued after she is no longer involved.

Lizzie Anderson
Title of Project: Bridge of Tomorrow
Troop Leader: Brooke Powers

After observing that Camp Piedmont’s bridge was in need of some care and upkeep, Lizzie worked to replace it. She removed the old bridge and built one that will keep Girl Scouts visiting the camp safe. Lizzie then created and shared a step by step tutorial on staining and sealing to help others prolong the life of their wooden projects.

Sarah Porter, Laura Ratliff, and Sophie Roberts
Title of Project: The Community Gaga Pit
Troop Leader: Susan Porter

Girls from Troop 2200 worked to connect their local community with the Girl Scouts that live and meet there by building a Gaga Pit for the Cane Ridge Community Center. After pitching the idea to the board, girls learned to use woodworking tools to build the Gaga Pit and provided laminated instructions on how to assemble to Gaga Pit as well as rules for the game. They also hosted a demonstration of set up and how to play for the community center patrons to learn and enjoy.

Emma Boldin and Dianne Denton
Title of Project: Sam Davis Home – Nature Backpacks
Troop Leader: Shelly Denton

Girls from Troop 2312 wanted to inspire kids to explore new things while connecting with nature and their communities. They achieved this goal by creating a nature backpack program for the Sam Davis Home. The pack will help families identify key landmarks and features outside the home while engaging with nature through the use of field guides and tools.

Hamsini Konakalla, Sydney Osbourn, and Lauren Ryan
Title of Project: Nolensville Tennis Court Bench Beautification
Troop Leader: Emily Osbourn

Hamsini, Sydney, and Lauren worked to make the benches at the Nolensville Tennis Courts look better. They achieved this goal by sanding, painting, and sealing the benches. To spread the word about their project, the girls distributed brochures and put posters around the community and talked to other Girl Scouts about their project.

Olivia Davidson
Title of Project: Therapeutic Horseback Riding
Troop Leader: Jill Brown

For her Silver Award Take Action Project, Olivia created a training manual and educational pamphlet for an equine therapy facility. So that the project is sustainable, a digital copy of the pamphlet and manual are available to the owner of the facility for future use.

Emma Crockett and Annalena Harrelson
Title of Project: Fire Safety
Troop Leader: Saskia Harrelson

In an effort to prevent wildfire and accidental injury to campers and youth groups, Emma and Annalena built permanent fire pits and drafted a fire safety pamphlet that will be available at the park registration office. The fire pits were built using a durable material and the park rangers will hand out fire safety pamphlets to campers and park visitors. Girls also spent time making fire starters to be distributed to those utilizing the camp sites.

Emily Alexander, Rowan Walker, and Miya Yu
Title of Project: Feral Cat Trap, Neuter and Return
Troop Leader: Deborah Holmes

Emily, Rowan, and Miya from Troop 2696 worked in feral cat colonies to trap cats and transport them to a spay/neuter facility and the cats were re-released back into their home environments. Emily, Rowan, and Miya documented their efforts and through a social media campaign worked to inspire and provide information to future volunteers. Girls also extended their work and research to other communities and organizations that could benefit from a project like theirs and built winter cat shelters.

Sophia Blockley and Alexandra Herlevic
Title of Project: Flowers for Joy
Troop Leader: Mary Beth Hagan

After observing that there were no outside activities for seniors to participate in, Alexandra and Sophia took action by building and planting a colorful garden for the seniors. Seniors have the opportunity to sign up for volunteer days in the garden and Alexandra and Sophia provided brochures with information about the flowers they planted and how to take care of them so that it can be an independent activity.

Abby Hagan and Jenny Yang
Title of Project: A Helping Hand
Troop Leader: Mary Beth Hagan

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Abby and Jenny chose to help foster families obtain essential items. The girls achieved this goal by creating a donation calendar and permanent donation stations. The girls spread the word about their project through the implementation of a social media campaign and provided premade templates to the organization.

Mary Cassie Cochran and Mary Patricia Ord
Title of Project: Preschool Busy Boxes
Troop Leader: Mary Beth Hagan

In an effort to provide ready-to-use activities to preschool teachers and help preschool students have fun learning through colorful and game like activities, Cassie and Mary created and donated 5 “Busy Boxes”. These “Busy Boxes” were filled with fun activities that highlight specific fundamental skills such as colors, shapes, counting, science, and art. An overview of content and instructions for the activity were provided so that the project can be continued to be stocked and used.

Jahzara Veasey
Title of Project: Operation Care Bear
Troop Leader: Branda Veasey

For her Silver Award Take Action Project, Jahzara worked to combat child abandonment, abuse, and neglect. She addressed this issue by making and donating stuffed animals, showing the children that there is someone who cares about them. Jahzara recruited local Girl Scouts to continue making the bears and educated her community on their importance with the help of a PowerPoint slideshow.

Lily Graves and Emma Howell
Title of Project: Bat Houses
Troop Leader: Amanda Graves

For their Silver Award Take Action Project, Lily and Emma chose to build bat houses. The project is beneficial to their community as bats aid in insect control and the girls were intentional with where they placed the homes. Girls inspired others by giving presentations on the importance of bats and the benefits of bat houses.

Jaycee Fisk
Title of Project: Bags for Hope
Troop Leader: Marissa Thompson

Jaycee’s Silver Award Take Action Project was making bags out of recycled t-shirts for the women at Genesis House so they would have a way to hold and transport their possessions.  Jaycee spoke to other Girl Scout troops encouraging them to earn their Silver Award and how they can make a difference in their community. She also taught them to make the bags and created a video so her project would be sustained beyond her involvement.

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