In August 2017, Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee started Troop 6000 as a way to provide Girl Scout programming to girls living in temporary housing spaces. Our original troop of six girls and three leaders has grown to 16 girls and six troop leaders! Troops still meet at our original location, Safe Haven Family Center, but we also hold meetings at McGruder Family Resource Center and Salvation Army and are looking to start two more locations this fall.

Over the past year, girls in Troop 6000 took part in all aspects of Girl Scouts and even earned their animal, artist, athlete, cooking, naturalist, and storytelling badges. They also went camping and enjoyed horseback riding and rock climbing. The girls helped to create disaster relief kits for Urban Housing Solutions and created birthday packages for people at Safe Haven Family Shelter. They also earned over $1,000 for their troop through cookie sales!

Troop 6000 helps to provide consistency to the girls through the meetings. Each location offers the same Girl Scout curriculum, so girls can attend the location closest to them without having to miss anything.

We are so proud of how far Troop 6000 has come in the past year! A huge thank you goes to the amazing volunteers who serve as the troop leaders. These dedicated volunteers go above and beyond, spending time with the girls weekly and often providing transportation for the girls to make sure they are able to attend the meetings. Troop 6000 would not be as successful without our amazing volunteers.

As we celebrate one year of Troop 6000, we also look forward to how it will continue to grow. Though we currently cover a small part of our 39 counties, Troop 6000 hopes to one day reach all Middle Tennessee girls living in temporary housing spaces.

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