Adult Adventure/Volunteer Enrichment Day

Adult Adventure and Volunteer Enrichment are joined together this year for a fun, single-day experience! Adult volunteers will be able to try everything camp has to offer along with informative conference-style workshops. Meals, activities, workshops, and a t-shirt are included!  Registered Adult fee: $45 Non-Registered Adult fee: $65 DownloadContinue Reading

Camping Skills 2

This class prepares leaders for camping in cabins without kitchens, screened cabins, platform tents, or designated tent camping sites with bathroom facilities, water, and a pavilion. In this course, you will learn a variety of outdoor cooking skills. You will also learn tent care, pitching tents, and campContinue Reading

Camping Skills 1

This class prepares leaders to take troops for a day in the outdoors or an overnight in a building with a fully equipped kitchen, stove, refrigerator, electricity, and running water. Participants have a hands-on opportunity to learn knife safety and fire building. It is designed to be takenContinue Reading

Virtual Highest Awards Training

These virtual courses will help girls, leaders/advisors, and parents in earning Highest Awards. The training will include info on Take Action Project, requirements for the award, the process for earning it in GSMIDTN, and how to use leadership skills to have sustainable, measurable projects that meet a communityContinue Reading

Virtual Adult Training – Service Team Summit

This virtual training with be held via Zoom and is designed for the entire Service Unit Team both new and returning. You will receive service team position information along with updates from GSMIDTN council departments. Please note this is a virtual training. Download the free app Zoom onto yourContinue Reading