Earth Day at Home

Did you know the first Earth Day was in 1970? That makes this year the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, and quite possibly the most unique of them all. With COVID-19 keeping most families in quarantine at home, Earth Day may look a little different this year, butContinue Reading

Online Badges – Art in the Outdoors

Look at the beauty of the outdoors, do you see it as just plants and rocks and sky? Or do you see an art project just waiting to happen? Discover the art of nature and how you can use your creativity to be a part of it. ClickContinue Reading

Virtual Adult Training – Poisonous Plants

Join Rosie, an experienced naturalist and forest teacher to learn all about the poisonous plants that make up our local ecosystems! In this horticultural expedition, we’ll cover species and identification, the natural history of these plants, and treatment in case of contact. Please note this is a virtualContinue Reading