Journey Weekend: Cadette – aMaze

This weekend is a maze of possibilities as you twist and turn through the aMaze Journey. You will encounter many activities that will help you maneuver through the journey and get you started on your Take Action project. Some pre and post work is required to complete awardsContinue Reading

Journey Weekend: Junior – Agent of Change

Juniors can change the world! Learn about the power you hold as a Girl Scout in everyday life as you work with a team to discover it. This weekend is planned around the It’s Your World – Change It! Journey and emphasizes confidence, teamwork and cooperation as girlsContinue Reading

Journey Experience: Think Like a Programmer Journey

Technology is everywhere!  Learn how to code like a pro as you work toward the new Think Like a Programmer Journey. Explore the world of Robotics badges for Juniors. Some pre- and post-work is required to complete awards including the Take Action project. You will receive a $2 discount towardContinue Reading

Juniors Take Action!

In the middle of November, a group of Girl Scout Juniors spent the weekend at Camp Sycamore Hills completing their It’s Your Story – Tell it! aMUSE Journey. During their time with us, the Juniors crafted dream boards to visualize their passions and future goals, discussed the rolesContinue Reading