Girl Scouts has always provided girls with opportunities to figure out their passions and follow their desires for what they want to do, but as girls reach their Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador levels, their schedules are filled with schoolwork, sports teams, and other extracurricular activities. Our hope is to find the balance with everything and for Girl Scouts to remain a priority.

  • Allow girls to have input on the programs and activities in your troop! Most troops are made up of a diverse group of girls with a variety of interests so plan activities everyone will enjoy. If you go to an art festival this month, plan to spend time exploring the outdoors next month.
  • Accept the girls for who they are, let them be themselves, and listen to what they are saying. Make sure the girls are comfortable and in a place to express themselves freely. Sometimes a troop meeting might turn into a venting session about the stress they are facing, and that is okay.
  • Girl Scout Highest Awards may seem like scary tasks to complete, but use what the girls are interested in to guide them to the right Take Action Project. If a girl is enjoying her project and sees how it is helping others, she is more likely to be excited and make it the best she can. With your support, girls can join the ranks of Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouts has a lot to offer girls throughout the grade levels. From Daisy to Ambassador, your encouragement helps girls become the women they are able to be!