Today is National Day of the Horse, and Equestrian Manager, Carol Coats, is sharing about all the experiences girls can have with the horses at Camp Sycamore Hills.

National Day of the Horse is a great day to celebrate these amazing animals and how they change our lives. Horses are part of our national heritage, and, for Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, they are part of our council’s history. Since the early 1970s, Camp Sycamore Hills has been home to horses who have been impacting the lives of girls.

Lessons, trail and arena rides for troops, and other traditional horse experiences are only a few of the reasons to celebrate our herd of more than 40 horses. The equestrian team at Camp Sycamore Hills loves to delve into the science and history of horses, then share our discoveries with girls through special programs like Equines Inside Out and Going Medieval. We even let our creative side come out as we explore the mythical counterparts to our equine residents in our How to Build a Unicorn.

Horses have a unique way of helping us understand ourselves better through our interactions with them… as if they are a window into our hearts and minds. Whether it’s spending time loving and grooming them or a variety of non-traditional programs centered around team building, leadership, and social skills, our camp horses help girls discover new paths, build strong relationships, and be themselves.

We hope you will come to Camp Sycamore Hills and experience the magic of horses. Troops can sign up for year-round programming, trail and arena rides, and workshops through property reservations in CouncilAlignMENT. Special equestrian programs are available through the activities calendar.

For more information contact:

Carol Coats, (615) 947-3214
Ashley Myers, (615) 305-1112
Jen Vaughn, (615) 305-1112