Tricia earning her Silver Award in 2014.

Tricia Glenn, member of Troop 4009 and Gold Award Girl Scout, recently shared her thoughts on Girl Scouts and cookie sales with StyleBlueprint.

For Tricia’s Gold Award Take Action Project, Life Skills for Kids, she worked with Safe Haven Family Shelter to create more than 30 lessons to educate children on different topics including expressing emotions, art, and protecting the environment. We are thrilled to share a portion of Tricia’s story here and the full article on StyleBlueprint.

Life Beyond Cookie Sales: An Account from a Graduated Girl Scout

If you live in suburban America, you know the novelty of Girl Scout Cookie Season. Adorable little girls with pigtails going door to door with a red wagon, cookie booths blockading your local grocery store, and maybe a form from your coworker’s daughter floating around the office. No matter where you get your fix, one thing remains true: The inability to say no is universal.

As a Girl Scout myself, saying no is twice as hard. Ten-plus years ago, I, too, guilted the general public into buying from me at cookie booths. If it’s any consolation, it takes just as much will power (maybe more) for us not to eat them before selling them as it does for you to walk away. These days, I’ve handed down the torch, and my old stomping grounds have been taken over by my younger cousins and girls in my neighborhood. Some may say I’m retired, but despite common misconceptions, selling cookies is only a small part of being a Girl Scout. If cookie season is only a three-month period, what are we up to in the other nine months of the year?

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