Did you know Girl Scouts creates an inclusive space so girls feel free to try new activities without fear of failure?

Meet Hope BiggsTopgolf Nashville Lead Instructor and professional golfer. Hope embodies what it means to stretch beyond her limits and achieve more than she imagined, and she recently shared with us the story of her journey from a beginner golfer to a tournament-winning, decorated professional. Today, Hope loves to volunteer for several charitable organizations in her free time, inspiring young athletes with her drive for success.

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Hope’s story:

My first time picking up a golf club was at a Girl Scout golf event about 17 years ago. That event began my love of the game that would take me to unexpected places and allow me to experience many wonderful things.

Girl Scouts encourages girls to have courage, confidence and character. It takes courage to start something new and beginnings can often be uncertain, but the Girl Scout golf event was such a safe place to learn something new. You never know where new things can take you!

During my middle and high school years, I won dozens of junior tournaments and even played on the high school boys team. These experiences led me to getting a golf scholarship to William Carey University.

In the four years I spent there, I won five individual tournaments, one conference title, several all-conference awards and got to be part of a top 10 ranked team in the country.

I also had the pleasure of serving as the inaugural vice president in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Association of Student Athletes. I was a voice for student athletes all across the country.

A month after graduation, I turned pro and played in my first professional tournament. I got to travel from coast to coast doing what I loved.

After taking my playing experience to the next level, I decided to get into instruction and player development. In October 2017, I became the lead instructor at Topgolf Nashville. My passion is developing young athletes and teaching them that golf is just a game but it definitely can lead you to places you never thought you’d go.

Taking that first step and beginning a new adventure opened doors for me throughout my life – both inside and outside the golf industry.

So take courage, build your confidence, grow that character and dive into new things!

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