Dear New Daisies,

Welcome to the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee family!

We couldn’t be more excited about the adventures ahead of you. You’ll learn about cool subjects, have fun, and make great friends!

But sometimes new adventures can make us feel a little nervous, right? You might be asking yourself: What’s it really like to be a Girl Scout, anyway? 

Well to answer that question, we asked some of last year’s new Daisies to write letters just for you! 

Here’s what they wanted you to know:

You are going to have fun, learn, and make new friends. -Sadie

I like getting lots of badges to put on my vest! Have fun. -Alexa

Girl Scouts is so fun. My favorite part is selling cookies. You will love it! -Addy

My name is Elin, and I’m glad that you are a Girl Scout! I think that Girl Scouts is so cool. I hope you like it too! -Elin 

Girl Scouts are the best. You can sell cookies and do games. Girl Scouts is awesome! -Angelina

You will have fun being a Daisy! I like it because we rode horses, sold cookies, and made new friends! -Autumn

Girl Scouts is fun. You will love it. It is hard to remember the Girl Scout Law at first, but when you get the hang of it, you will be a master at it! You will be great. It is fun! -Isabella 

I hope you have a good year of Daisies. It is really fun! You should try climbing. -Evelyn

I welcome you here to be a Girl Scout! I love you so much. -Jasmine

You will do fun things in the future and have fun field trips. You will have a great time being a Girl Scout. -Ellie

Yay! You will love being a Daisy. It is so much fun! Good luck! -Clare

You are amazing, new Daisies! You always have a place to belong here at Girl Scouts. Be sure to share your troop stories and pictures with us throughout the year!


Everyone at Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee