When asked what their favorite part of camp is, many Girl Scout campers will say: the horses at Camp Sycamore Hills!

It’s true, these 44 horses are an important part of the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee family. It’s fun to wonder what the horses are thinking about each day at camp, so we figured we’d get an account– straight from the horse’s mouth.

This reflection was transcribed from our wonderful  horse Pringles, who has been at camp since 2008. With a larger-than-life personality and a heart motivated by treats, we couldn’t think of a better horse to share his thoughts from this summer.

Cheese and rice! This summer galloped right on by us, huh? One mornin’ we are dragging our hooves out of the pasture when the sun has barely risen, trying to get used to the o’dark thirty summer routine, and now we’re up before everyone and can’t wait to start the day. There have been so many sweet pats, new skills learned, old skills remembered, and memories made over the last several weeks. We’ve had girls that have conquered their fears, tried new things, slept under the stars, and even tried their hands at campfire cooking. The staff wouldn’t let me n’ Yogi have any of that food, but by golly– did it smell tasty from the pasture! Makes my mouth water just thinkin’ about it…

Anyway, do you remember that one song? Goes something like “Make new friends, but keep the old”? Well let me tell you, it warmed my heart to see so many familiar faces. They’ve all grown up, some lookin’ a little different than the last time I saw ‘em, but they’re still the same kids I know and love. And these old friends really helped bring some magic to many new friends who had never been to camp before.

Among these faces, we welcomed a new Camp Director, Jester, who brought a whole slew of her friends from all over. Even though they’d never been to Sycamore Hills before, they all definitely knew a thing or two about camp magic…and quickly became family. There were new songs, old songs, fresh takes on familiar skits, games that left everyone laughing, and shenanigans aplenty.

With all of these wonderful memories, camp felt more like home. While summer may be wrapping up for this year, I’m already ready for next year to come. And remember, this is goodnight and not goodbye.

Get to know more about Pringles here! Even better– meet him in person this fall at Camp Sycamore Hills.

Our Ponies and Pals program, designed for younger Girl Scouts to meet and ride the horses, starts back up in September. Additional equestrian programs are offered year-round. Make your reservations for both through CouncilAlignMENT.